How Vehicle Storage Might Help Your Desired Self-Storage Investment ‘Pencil Out,’ Even in a Crowded Market

November 24, 2021

It can be difficult these days for self-storage investors to find markets with room for more supply, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t potentially lucrative deals to be had. In fact, adding a niche product or service like vehicle storage can help make the numbers work, even in an otherwise crowded marketplace. Learn how in this video by Mark Helm, owner of the Q-2 Self Storage brand and author of “Creating Wealth Through Self-Storage.” He explains how this add-on profit center can offer enough lease-up potential to take a property that might otherwise end up in the discard pile and move it to the top of your “strongly consider” list. Learn the criteria he uses to crunch the numbers. It may help you unearth your own hidden gem!

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