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Heavenly Storage?

Amy Campbell

May 31, 2006

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Heavenly Storage?

It's not often you see self-storage all rolled up in a neat little package with religion, but a post in today's East Texas Review Gospel News makes an interesting little connection: We don't need to store things on earth because if you're a "good Christian," you're "laying up treasures in heaven" (Matthew 6:19-21). Here's the relevant excerpt from Dr. David Dykes:


Over the last 40 years, a new industry has exploded in Americathe self-storage business. As recent as 1995, there were about 6,000 self-storage outlets in America; and today there are more than 45,000. What does that say about our culture? We have so much stuff that we cant even store it all! Our greed has created a $15 billion annual business just to store our stuff. If you are a Christian, you have something stored up in heaven, and it isnt in a metal building with a garage door. It is the hope we have in Jesus Christ.


Well, praise the Lord. Does heaven storage come in different sizes with climate control, too? I'd like to think so, because hope tends to increase and diminish at stuttering velocity. And it can spoil pretty quickly.


BTW, Dr. Dykes, it isn't a garage door, it's a roll-up door. But I have to tell you: When it comes to storing intangibles, I imagine any old container will do.

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