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Health Care Reform Coming

House Democrats unveiled a plan for health care reform Tuesday, and employers could be required to help for their employees' insurance. Self-Storage Talk members weigh in on health care reform.

Amy Campbell

July 15, 2009

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Health Care Reform Coming

House Democrats unveiled a plan for health care reform Tuesday. The plan promises more affordable health care plans for all Americans, including government-funded ones. In addition, it looks like employers with payrolls over $250,000 must provide employees with health coverage or contribute up to 8 percent of their payroll on their behalf.

The plan, dubbed “America’s Affordable Health Choices Act,” also calls for limits on out-of-pocket spending and a ban on excluding coverage for pre-existing conditions.

Although I'm 100 percent in favor of health care reform, I have a ton of questions and concerns about how it will work and who will pay for it. Plus, it seems like Congress is rushing this process, with hopes of passing a bill by the end of the year. Something as major as health care reform should take more than a few months to iron out, if you ask me.

I posted a question on Self-Storage Talk a few weeks asking forum members if employers should be required by law to pay for some or all of their employees’ health care. A lively debate ensued. Today I posted another thread, asking forum members what should health care reform look like? Who should pay for it and who should be covered? Post a comment below or join the discussion on Self-Storage Talk.

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