Going Green at the Office

Amy Campbell, Senior Editor

August 29, 2008

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Going Green at the Office

Just this morning, Virgo Publishing Inc. employees (Inside Self-Storage’s parent company) received some great news. The building we’re housed in, a large high-rise near downtown Phoenix, is implementing an expansive green movement. Dubbed “Team Green,” there will now be large containers in each kitchen on every floor to recycle clean plastics and cans. Plus, boxes for recycled paper near the copy machines, and bulk items like magazines—remember, we’re a publishing company—and shredded paper will also be picked up the nightly maintenance crew. While this may not seem like a huge deal, it is to me. I cringe every time I see a soda can in the garbage. Ditto those plastic TV dinner trays. There’s no reason items like these should ever end up in a landfill. God bless some forward-thinking Virgo employees, like ISS artist extraordinaire Andrew Rosseau, who planted a recycle bin outside his cubicle and gladly totes home his co-workers cans, papers and cardboard. Even if he only recycles a couple dozen soda cans a month, he’s helping save Mother Earth. If you think you can’t make a difference from your self-storage counter, you’re wrong. Check out 10 Simple Steps for Going Green in Self Storage for easy ways to be eco-friendly. We've also featured two facility owners who've embraced the green movement by using solar power, and took an in-depth look in the September issue at how a handful of self-storage developers are using sustainability in the construction of new self-storage buildings. Going green has become so important to the ISS editorial staff, in fact, that we’ll feature a new column, beginning with the November issue, about green construction, products, facilities and ideas. If you have some great green ideas, tell us about them. You can post your comments here, or drop me an e-mail, [email protected]. And look for more on green in the coming months in the ISS online and print editions.

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