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Goal for SST: 3,000 Users by July 4

Self-Storage Talk Community Manager John Carlisle sets an ambitious goal for the forum: Grow to 3,000 registered users by the Fourth of July. Want to be part of the movement?

Amy Campbell

March 17, 2010

2 Min Read
Goal for SST: 3,000 Users by July 4

Self-Storage Talk, the online forum for Inside Self-Storage, has seen several numerical milestones recently. Autodoc crafted his 2,000th post and Gina6k, her 1,500th. Several others have surpassed 500, and a few are approaching 1,000.

In the spirit of milestones, I issue this challenge to the Self-Storage Talk community: Let's reach 3,000 users by a day that has quite a bit of significance itself: July 4.

Today, St. Patrick's Day, we have approximately 2,660 members, which means we're 340 shy of 3,000. There are 108 days until July 4, which means the site must register, on average, at least three to four people every single day to hit the mark.

Sounds ambitious, right? It is. But it's certainly attainable. In fact, since January the number of new users on the site has grown faster than at any other time. Here are the numbers: 135 new registrations in January (31 days), 93 in February (28 days) and 76 in the first 15 days of March.

In other words, we're on pace to make this happen. The key will be to maintain the rapid growth by reaching out to industry colleagues who haven't registered and getting them on board. We shouldn't have to twist their arms too much. Registration is free, and it provides access to one of the best resources in the industry, where people can post questions, share challenges and get quick feedback.

If you're not familiar with the forum, visit the site and check it out. If you like what you read and you want to participate, join by registering an account. And remember—simply visiting the site and looking around won't help. Get a username and become part of the community.

Already registered? We need you to spread the word. Whenever you're conversing with coworkers or colleagues—at association meetings, for example—mention SST and tell people how to register. Become more active on the forum, and direct people to read your posts and comments. You might even mention the forum and the 3,000 users goal in your blogs, Twitter posts or other outlets.

Sure, 3,000 is just a number, but the way SST is growing is more than just a number. Let's celebrate the fruits of our labor with fireworks. What do you say?

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Amy Campbell

Editor, Inside Self Storage

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