Friday Was Never So Good!

Amy Campbell, Senior Editor

April 14, 2006

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Friday Was Never So Good!

As part of an Italian family, I was raised in the Catholic faith; and I certainly did my time: long years of catechism, communion, confirmation and confession (not to mention guilt, contrition, self-blame, self-doubt, confusiondid I mention guilt?) So I've earned the right be a little flip. Sunday is Easter, and good little lent-observers everywhere will be gorging themselves on whatever object of deprivation has obsessed them for the past six weeks. It's just too much.


It tickles me to think that on Sunday morning, children (and parents) all over this country will be indulging in marshmallow chicks, jelly beans and chocolate bunnies. People will be picking shreds of colored cellophane out of their cats' litter boxes for weeks. The egg-coloring, -hunting, -breaking and -eating fest has nearly begun. But will anyone ask the prevailaing question: What do any of these things have to do with Jesus?


OK, I know how precious these rituals are to some of our readers, so I'll stop myself before I offend. After all, I was once a follower too. But, for just five seconds, look at it from a symbological perspective ... Eggs, bunnies, and resurrection? Anyone? A connection? Ah, maybe that's too much for a Friday. Especailly GOOD Friday. And especially if you've been bereft of choco-loco-serotonin love. And super especially if you've been burning the midnight oil and you no longer know whether the Hello Kitty sticker on your keyboard is really talking to you, or you're just running a little low on REM.


So let's talk about self-storage for a moment. The last time I blogged, I mentioned we were doing our first "Legal Learning" webinar with Jeff Greenberger on Tuesday. That went really well. Attendance was, once again, short of registration, but we still had 80 bodies in attendance. Not bad for the first time out of the shoot. And participants were really ampedI've received more than 20 e-mails from people either complimenting us on the presentation or requestion additional information. I'm looking forward to the next event on May 9th (my birthday, by the way, in case anyone wants to send flowers or Fairytale Brownies).


The other big happening in our universe is the upcoming launch of the new Self-Storage Training Institute, our love/hate child. Love it, because it's so fresh and innovative and totally unlike anything Inside Self-Storage has offered before. Hate it, because raising the bar for an entire industry is no easy task! We're about to provide on-demand training and educational resources in a wholly new type of environment.


I'm not clear on the exact time of the unveiling, but it will be happening early next week, so make sure you investigate. If you've got your hands on a print copy of the May 2006 issue of the magazine, not only do you have a little sneak peek, you've got a coupon good for 10% off all products for the entire month.


So enjoy your weekend. Be a good little glutton. And then come around and see us at SSTI. We'll be there to follow-up your post-sugar crash with what you really crave ... top-notch information, of course!

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