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Dinner, Dancing , the Whole Kittencaboodle

Amy Campbell

May 19, 2006

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Dinner, Dancing , the Whole Kittencaboodle

If you like dinner, and you like dancing, and you like being on a cruise ship, and picturesque sky lines and all that jazz, then just wait until you learn about the options to enjoy all of the above in a single package in Reno/Tahoe, Nev., during the ISS Expo, July 19-22.

Is sunset your favorite time of day? Then check out these delightful dusk events:

Emerald Bay Sightseeing Dinner Cruise

Sunset Dinner & Dance Cruise

Sunset Dinner & Dance Buffet

Tahoe Queen Sunset Dinner Dance Cruise

Or are you more of a morning person? Never fear, there are some fantastic options for you, too:

Historic Glenbrook Breakfast Cruise

Champagne Brunch Cruise

Emerald Bay Sightseeing Cruise

And if you want to hear the legends of Lake Tahoe, don't miss the famous Tales of Tahoe cruise, with nationally acclaimed impressionist McAvoy Lane as the Ghost of Mark Twain. He offers both adult and childrens' versions of his stories, in case you're traveling with family.

Speaking of family, some of you may remember my post from several weeks ago in which I mentioned my husband and I had added two new kittens to ours. At the time, they were freshly born and not ready to leave the nest. But last weekend, they came home to stay: the kittens, their umpteen toys, their itty-bitty claws and teeth, their messy litter-box habits, their chaotic dances of predator/prey, their sweet little purrs, and their big ol' eyes that shine at you out of the dark.

Yes, it's the whole kittencaboodle. And since some of you have inquired about their status, I thought I'd share some pics, just like any proud mother...

First, a flashback: Kittens on the day they were born...


Fast forward to present day... Ladies and gentleman, meet Portia and Oberon... My little angels (yeah, RIGHT) ...


Our biggest discovery of the week? Baby gates are about as significant to fledgling cats as Manolo Blahniks are to heterosexual males. I don't know about anybody else's, but our kittens can fly.


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