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Creatures Running Everywhere

May 1, 1998

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Creatures Running Everywhere

Creatures Running Everywhere

Dear Waldmans: I own a storage facility and have an insect problem. I think thelittle guys know when I am trying to rent a unit because all of a sudden they show up withtheir siblings and parents, too. It's embarrassing, especially when I advertise that myfacility is rodent and pest free. I might even be accused of false advertising. It wasreally awful one Saturday morning when I was showing a unit, (just about to put on the ol'hard sale) to a nice lady and suddenly here comes a huge roach. She screamed and left theunit. Needless to say I didn't rent the space. I have tried sprays and put out the littlepellets that are guaranteed to kill. Right. I still continue to have creatures that havemade my facility their home. I have to get rid of these things. I hate to spend anenormous amount of money to a pest company. I am sure they could solve my problem, but Iam a little cheap and trying to handle this on my own.
--Cheap With Creeps in Savannah, Ga.

Dear Cheap With Creeps: It's OK to want to save money. We all have that knack towant to make money, but not spend money on certain items. Just because you have bugs, doesnot mean it's your fault. Just because you are advertising no pests or rodents, does notmean you will never have one. Most bugs occur from tenants moving in and out. It justhappens that some pests like their new home and never leave. Our state-licensedexterminator has willingly given us the information below to help us understand thecontrol of pests. We are not experts in the pest-control business and knew we needed anexpert to help with this problem. Many states require a licensed individual to purchase orapply the chemicals listed below. The laws regarding the use of chemicals differ in eachstate, so check with the state of Georgia to determine the laws on the use and applicationof the chemicals. You might have to spend the money for a licensed company to help you getrid of these pests. It will be money well spent, especially after you have already lostone tenant to these things. There are many types of chemicals on the market and a few arelisted below. There are other chemicals that will be listed under the following threeclasses, but the three we have become familiar with are:

1. Organo Phosphate (OP's)
a. Diazinion
b. Dursban
c. Catalyst

2. Pyrethoids (Synthetic)
a. Demon
b. Commodore
c. Suspend
d. Tempo

3. Carbamates
a. Fican W
b. Seven Dust
c. Baygon

To begin with, our exterminator places a mouse pouch in each unit. In addition, he hasinformed us that alternating the classes and adding a chemical steirlent about every 45days will help alter reproduction of the rodents and pests. Our expert tells us that it ispossible for the bugs to become immune if the same class of chemical is used. Yourexterminator will determine a plan to suit your facility needs. After checking with anexpert, he may give you some other ideas on how to control and eliminate these littlecreatures. We wish you luck and hope you will never have to encounter another lost renterdue to one of these pests.

A father-daughter team, Stanley and Jill Waldman are self-storage owners/operators and attorneys. In addition, Ms. Waldman holds a master's degree in labor and employment law from Georgetown University. Together they have co-authored a number of books on self-storage operations, including Getting Started in the Self-Storage Business, Self-Storage Business Management Forms, The Policy & Procedure Manual for the Self-Storage Business, Selling Your Self-Storage Business and The South Carolina Tools Manual for Self-Storage Operators.

Comments and questions may be sent to: Ask The Waldmans, P.O. Box 21416, Charleston, SC 29413; or via their Web site: www.askthewaldmans.com.

Editor's Note: Views and opinions on legal matters are those of the authors. Professional counsel should be obtained before any determination or positive action is taken.

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