Create an SST Forum Poll, Learn About Your Industry Mates

Using the Self-Storage Talk polls forum is a simple way to get feedback from people working in the self-storage business. Here are some of the benefits and how to do it.

Amy Campbell, Senior Editor

February 10, 2010

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Create an SST Forum Poll, Learn About Your Industry Mates

When you're working in your facilities and offices, clearing out a vacated unit or preparing for an auction, you probably wonder once in a while about the people across the country and world who are doing exactly what you're doing at that time.

What are their environments like? Are they part of large franchises, or do they operate one-person shops? What kind of discounts do they offer? Where do they advertise? Or, maybe you wonder if they're having the same problems with their supervisors or employees that you're having. It's natural to ask these questions.

Fortunately, the Self-Storage Talk audience consists of these same questions, and one easy and fast way to gather information about them is to post a poll in the Polls forum. Posting a poll, as long as it's engaging, will return some useful data.

For example, recently user MusicCity Gal wanted to gauge the amount of experience SST users have, so she asked, “How many years have you been in the self-storage business?” The results have been revealing: The most popular demographic is those who have been in the business for two to five years. Five to 10 years is the second-most popular response.

Users can also post a forum quickly and don't need to explain much in the thread-starting post. To create a poll, go to the Polls forum, click on the “New Thread” button, and scroll down to the “Additional Options” box at the bottom of the page. Check the box next to “Yes, post a poll with this thread.” Adjust the number to reflect the number of poll options you want to be available.

Remember to title your thread as you would with any other thread, and type at least a short sentence in the text box—it can be as easy as “What do you think about this?” After you click “Submit New Thread,” another poll screen will pop up with on-screen instructions, which are fairly self-explanatory.

You'll find that posting polls is a quick and easy way to use the forum. On the other hand, if you're not interested in making new polls but wouldn't mind checking out the ones others are posting, visit the forum and vote. Any registered member can do it, and it takes only a couple of mouse clicks.

Polls are just one more way the self-storage industry's leading online forum is becoming increasingly interactive and useful, so jump in, create polls and cast votes. What better way to satisfy you and your industry mates' curiosity?

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Amy Campbell

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