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January 1, 1998

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DCAL Computer Systems has acquired all rights, assets andproduct offerings of Acorn Management Systems, includingUNItroller management and UNIkey access control products, and hasestablished the "Acorn Products Division" to market andsupport the Acorn Products.

DCAL has been serving customers in the dry cleaning andlaundry business as well as other markets for more than 12 years.One of the primary commitments of DCAL is customer support. DCALprofessionals stay in touch with customers and provide them an800- number to use should they any information or supportservices.

In an offering to show goodwill, the company is also currentlyhonoring all paid service-support agreements for Acorn ManagementSystems Inc. customers. Simply send a copy of your paid agreementto our office, and service will be honored at no additionalcharge to the customer for the remainder of the agreement period.The support agreements from Acorn Products Division begin whenthe previous agreements expire.

Acorn Products have been serving the computerized managementand access-control needs of the self-storage industry for morethan a decade. Acorn Products have contributed to the growth ofthe industry and have been enhanced to meet increasing demandsfor more secure facilities. Today, Acorn Products are poised tomeet new challenges and to expand their influences in theself-storage industry as well as new markets.


Acorn's primary products for the self-storage industryinclude, but are not limited to the following:

UNItroller--Self-Storage Management Software

UNIkey--Access Control Software System

Unique Vertical Lift Gate--and other types of automatedgates.


Acorn offers various levels of UNItroller software toaccommodate individual needs. The most current version isUNItroller IV, which includes the Custom Reporting Module thatallows the user unlimited reporting capabilities. In addition toAcorn's Daily Maintenance and Inspection (DMI) report, theUNItroller IV now offers the HOT DMI and Facility Maintenancereport, providing the user with an even more efficient way tokeep an eye on what is going on at the facility. The followingare the current versions of Acorn's management software.

  • UNItroller 300 (Handles up to 320 units)

  • UNItroller 3000 (Accommodates unlimited number of units)

  • UNImax (Processes multiple data sets from various sites)

  • UNIcentral (Communications software that allows the central office to receive data from multiple sites by modem)

The management software generates a DMI report that furnishesthe manager with the necessary information to track each unit.Any unit not meeting all of the standards defined by the softwarewill automatically appear on the DMI report. These units arechecked off during the physical inspections, so if somethinghappens to one of the units there will be an evident time framefor the occurrence. Acorn suggests two daily physical checks ofthe facility using the DMI report. This action narrows the windowfor occurrences, so stay in control of your facility no matterthe size.


  • Acorn's access-control system includes UNIkey access control IBM-compatible software and a 24-volt power supply, which receives a four-wire, 18-gauge shielded cable that is run to each keypad outside. A typical UNIkey package includes the software, power supply, two electronic talking keypads with enclosures, two gooseneck stands and a 250-foot spool of the shielded cable to hook the keypads back to the power supply. The software checks the keypads 24 hours a day to make sure they are functioning properly. The software has audit-trail capabilities to tell you who has entered your facility, how long they were there and when they left.


Acorn is enthused about the opportunities in the self-storageindustry and beyond. The company is checking into ways to advanceits software products in other markets such as apartmentcomplexes, private parking for corporations, marinas, corporatestorage areas, and almost any place where access control isneeded.

Acorn Products Division of DCAL Computer Systems meets theneed for self-storage security products through the sale ofvertical lift gates and UNIkey access control systems. But italso responds to the need for management software that providesself-storage owners and managers with accounting data, ratios andpercentages to help them evaluate their operations.

For more information on DCAL Computer Systems and AcornProducts Division, contact Darrell Potts or Gary Trook at 4100Adams Road, P.O. Box 3936, Bartlesville, OK 74006; (800)328-DCAL; fax (918) 335-0240; e-mail [email protected].

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