March 21, 2023

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Charges Dropped in Case of Decomposing Body Found in Maquon, IL, Self-Storage Unit

Update 3/21/23 – Judge Andrew Doyle ordered the prosecution to drop several late charges, including murder and attempted murder, in its case against Oglesby because they impeded the suspect’s right to a speedy trial. Charges added in February in the case of the decomposing body found at Robert Self-Storage also included murder/strong probability to kill or injure, aggravated battery by ingesting a toxic substance, and concealment of a homicidal death. Those were also dropped after the defense successfully made its argument, according to a source.

Illinois law dictates that trials are supposed to begin at 120 days, but the case was beyond 160 days when the judge made his ruling.

“The rule is that basically if the prosecutor has knowledge or a conscious awareness of evidence sufficient to give the state a reasonable chance to secure a conviction at the very beginning, then you pretty much have to charge all related charges at that time or certainly within 120 days,” Ashley Worby, first assistant state attorney, told a source.

The prosecution is expected to appeal the decision. Oglesby remains in custody on five original charges, including concealment of death and forgery.

2/14/23 – Oglesby appeared in Knox County Court last week to plead not guilty in connection with the body that was discovered inside a unit at Robert Self-Storage in Maquon, Illinois. More information about the case, including the deceased’s identity and a possible motive for the murder, was also discussed during the Feb. 8 court hearing. Oglesby faces multiple charges including murder, attempted murder and concealment of a death. In addition, another person could face charges in the case, according to the source.

The victim has been identified as Richard Young, a former city police chief who was in a relationship with Oglesby at the time of his death. The couple lived together with another person.

During their investigation, police found evidence including 25 eye-drop bottles and receipts, three smart phones, two flip phones, and two laptops. Young had been given substances that led to his death, the source reported.

The dismembered body was in a state of decomposition when it was discovered. The head was wrapped in a pillowcase, the torso in a flannel shirt, and the lower half of the body was in plastic, according to Jeremy Moore, a detective with the Knox County Sheriff’s Department.

Investigators believe Oglesby was trying to end her relationship. She also sold some of his guns after his death, Moore testified.

Oglesby is being held at Knox County Jail.

10/14/22 – A suspicious odor emanating from a unit last week at Robert Self-Storage in Maquon, Illinois, led to the discovery of a decomposing body. Tenant Marcy L. Oglesby, 50, has been charged with concealment of death, but investigators haven’t confirmed if she’s the party who originally rented the space, according to sources.

Knox County deputies were called to 105 E. 3rd St. around 6 p.m. on Friday. They met with the facility manager, who reported the smell, and Oglesby, who claimed it was coming from an opossum that died in the unit.

Deputies asked Oglesby to unlock the door so they could inspect the space. Upon finding a large box in the middle of the unit, they asked Oglesby to open it. She refused but admitted that a body was concealed inside.

Police obtained a search warrant and confirmed the box contained a decomposing human, though they were unable to identify the body. An autopsy was performed on Monday, but identification is pending DNA results or dental records. It’s also uncertain how long the body had been in the unit, sources report.

Oglesby, who lives across the street from the storage facility, was arrested on Tuesday. She also had two outstanding warrants for fraud and deceptive practices that are unrelated to this case. She's being held in the Knox County Jail on a $10,000 bond.

Robert Self-Storage is owned by Brett Roberts.

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