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Celebrating the Season at Your Self-Storage Facility ... Tastefully

Of course, everyone wants to have a good time during the holidays, but it all needs to be in good taste. That means everything from your self-storage facility's decorations to community or staff parties should be in line with your companys policies and everyday practices.

Amy Campbell

December 9, 2011

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Celebrating the Season at Your Self-Storage Facility ... Tastefully

This week, my kids and I spent a few hours decorating our homeinside and outwith lights, a giant blow-up snowman, a festive tree and other holiday items. And like many of you, were  also gearing up for the various holiday parties with our family, various social organizations and in the workplace. In all these instanceswell, maybe not always with the cousins and grandparentsI try to instill in my children the importance of being gracious, polite and even charming.

Weve all heardor possibly witnessedpeople who become out of control, or simply out of character, at holiday parties. A few years ago while attending a holiday party for another company, an argument between an employee and his wife ensued. Not only was it embarrassing for the employee and his spouse, it embarrassed everyone else, too.

Earlier this week, I came across an amusing article on MSN about holiday cheer and the office. The article offers a humorous take on annoying co-worker habits from the overly holiday-themed dresser to the party animal who lets loose at the company gathering.

Of course, everyone wants to have a good time, but it all needs to be in good taste. That means everything from your facilitys decorations to how you greet your tenants. Many operators also open their facility to the public during the holidays for charitable purposesToys for Tots and canned-food drivesor simply create a great marketing message about hiding holiday presents in a storage unit. Some even host holiday or winter-themed community events. You can read what other operators are doing by visiting the ISS topics pages on charities/fundraising or community events.

If youre planning an office holiday party or other community event, here are a couple of things to keep in mind:

  • Make it festive, but keep it social. That means dont go overboard on the holiday glitz and keep music at an acceptable level so the party-goers can talk.

  • Remember, not all of your employees or community members will celebrate Christmas, so be sure to keep it holiday-neutral.

  • Ditto on holiday food. If youre serving it, offer a variety. Not everyone loves ham.

  • If Santa will make an appearance at your facility, make sure he adheres to your company policies, too. No one wants a frisky Santa. The goes for other entertainment as well.

  • For employee-only parties, remind your staffand their gueststo dress appropriately. While its a social gathering, some decorum should be adhered to.

For most people, the holidays are the best time of the year. Whether youre planning an elaborate community event or just throwing a small staff holiday party, remember to keep it stylish, yet tasteful. Happy holidays!

How does your self-storage facility celebrate the holidays? Share your story by posting a comment below or join the discussion on Self-Storage Talk

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