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2 Dogs Found in Critical Condition After Being Left in Kansas Self-Storage Unit for a Month

October 30, 2019

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2 Dogs Found in Critical Condition After Being Left in Kansas Self-Storage Unit for a Month

The Miami County, Kan., Sheriff’s Department is investigating a self-storage tenant on suspicion of animal cruelty after two dogs were discovered trapped inside a unit at Hillsdale Boat and Mini-Storage in Hillsdale, Kan. Investigators believe the dogs had been left intentionally inside the unit for a month with minimal care. The animals were in critical condition and transported to a local veterinarian, according to a source.

The dogs were discovered around 4 a.m. Saturday by another tenant who heard them barking and walked up and down the drive aisles with her kids until they figured out which unit contained the canines. The tenant, who asked a local news station not to identify her, called a friend who works at a pet rescue as well as the police.

Inside the unit, investigators found a chocolate Labrador and a Belgian Malinois in separate kennels. “They couldn’t stand. They were lay-down kennels,” the tenant witness said. “The bigger dog had a piece of paper it was eating until it could not reach it no more.”

One of the dogs was eating and drinking water, but the second was emaciated and in bad shape. "One of her eyes was matted, bubbled shut. She had open sores on her arm or her paw,” the witness said. “She tried to hold her head up, and it would just fall back down."

Charges are still pending in the case. The suspect is cooperating with investigators, officials said.

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