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'The Box' Paves the Way for Self-Storage in the United Arab Emirates

Ten years ago, self-storage in the Middle East was little more than a side industry consisting of warehouses renting out excess space. Today, The Box, one of the region’s first facility operators, is helping to pave the way for modern, customer-focused storage businesses in the United Arab Emirates.

June 16, 2015

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'The Box' Paves the Way for Self-Storage in the United Arab Emirates

By Wadih Haddad

For millions of people around the world, the Middle East is the new land of opportunity. As an increasing number of ex-patriots pursue opportunities in the region’s business hubs, The Box’s unique approach to self-storage and relocation caters to the needs of a population that’s moving forward—and fast.

Since its establishment in 2008, The Box has addressed growing consumer demand with a service built on trust. The majority of new customers are referred to the business from existing, satisfied tenants. The Box team is also active within communities the company serves, enjoying direct contact with clients in a highly personalized process designed to nurture long-term relationships. Through this approach, The Box has succeeded in creating strong bonds with customers based on mutual respect.

Meeting Customer Needs

As recently as 10 years ago, storage in the Middle East was little more than a side industry consisting of warehouses renting out excess space. With its dedicated offering and hands-on approach to customer care, The Box helped redefine what the industry was all about. At the forefront of this transformation was a changing perception of the function storage facilities serve. Essentially, today’s customers demand more.

From long- and short-term storage options to climate-controlled units, consumers are looking for services that suit their particular needs. The Box was among the first providers in the Middle East to offer these options and more, basing its services on sensitivity to individual requirements and treating client goods with care.

The Box self-storage teamSocial media has also changed the way people do business. The Box has embraced its digital presence with friendly, honest and responsive conversations via Facebook, Pinterest and other websites. In a world where companies often talk at their customers rather than to them, The Box has sparked a refreshingly relaxed and engaging dialogue with customers in forums where questions are answered and advice offered. The Box website provides storage and relocation tips as well as solutions for freeing up space around the house.

The company’s focus has always been on delivering safe and comfortable ISO-certified storage services. With units ranging from small cabinets to mid-sized spaces to an impressive 100,000 square feet, The Box understands that every client is unique, and provides tailored solutions. Its one-stop-shop approach includes offerings such as tenant insurance and 24-hour access. From the moment customers first contact the company, its staff endeavours to provide an experience unlike any other in the market.

Moving Forward

Dedication to service and customer satisfaction has translated into formidable results. Headquartered in Dubai, The Box now boasts 26 facilities within the United Arab Emirates. Its international growth has been equally impressive, with facilities in Abu Dhabi, Beirut, Cairo, Doha and Kuwait.

The expansion has been driven by The Box Horse Power, a new management division that oversees the company’s facilities. The Box is also franchising its concept to investors who seek opportunities in the storage industry, with a proven business model tailored for the Middle East market.

All the hard work has not gone unnoticed. Last year, The Box was ranked No. 72 among Dubai’s 75,000 small and medium enterprises. Being recognized by the city’s Department of Economic Development is a testament to the company’s hard work and effort. But this is only the beginning; the Box will continue its journey and mission. As long as it works closely to achieve its goals, it will keep moving forward.

Wadih Haddad is founder and CEO of The Box, a self-storage operator in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The company has 26 facilities in the UAE and continues to expand its presence. For more information, visit www.theboxme.com.

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