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Self-Storage Heroine (No, not me, silly!)

Today, a friend and co-worker shared an interesting tale: He was listening to Adam Carolla on the radio when a 62-year-old self-storage manager named Iris called into the show from Cocoa, Fla. Iris, a champion bodybuilder, had recently had the experience of chasing and tackling a criminal who had been involved in a high-speed freeway chase, crashed his vehicle in front of her storage office, and attempted to make a run for the woods on the other side of her fence. Her assistant manager tripped one of the culprit's partners. Unbelievable! The police apprehended the offenders shortly thereafter.


I managed to find several articles about the incident. Some include great photos and video. Here are a few:


Surprisingly, none of these really mention her managing a storage facility (guess that's why it never turned up in my personal news searches). I also did a little web snoofing and found this link regarding a bodybuilding competition Iris was in just four years ago. Check it outI hope I enjoy just a fraction of her beautiful buffness after I hit 50!


Her Heroiness, Iris Davis, of Cocoa, Fla. Right on, Iris!


Just real quick: You may notice that many of the news clips refer to Iris' status as a grandmother, as if that's somehow significant to the story. Anything to sensationalize the issue, I suppose.


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