September 22, 2023

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West Gardiner, ME, Expected to Extend Self-Storage Moratorium Another 6 Months

Update 9/22/23 – Officials in West Gardiner, Maine, held a public hearing this week to discuss proposed restrictions on self-storage development, solar-energy projects, and medical-cannabis retail stores and cultivation operations. A fifth ordinance on lot size is also being considered.

An April 1 town meeting drew more than 300 residents; however, the council didn’t discuss the bans on self-storage or solar at the time because the proposals required more input from experts. The self-storage ordinance would apply to all new developments and prohibit the expansion of existing facilities. A vote on all the regulations is expected to happen next month.

6/7/23 – Officials in West Gardiner, Maine, who are meeting on Thursday, are expected to extend a six-month moratorium on self-storage development and other businesses to allow the completion of new ordinance proposals. Enacted in December, the ban has also halted applications for solar-energy projects as well as medical-cannabis retail stores and cultivation operations. The extension would be for another six months, according to the source.

Though West Gardiner residents have historically rejected measures designed to limit growth, an influx of development requests prompted some community members to seek control over activity. The town uses only state-law requirements for its zoning and doesn’t have a planning board, the source reported.

After a public hearing in March, the proposed ordinances for self-storage and solar-energy projects were amended to curtail further development of each and prohibit existing businesses from expanding. At a subsequent town meeting, Greg Couture, selectmen chair, indicated the written drafts were problematic and would require more work and consultation with subject-matter experts, according to the source.

The board originally planned to hold a public hearing on the updated ordinance drafts on June 1 and a special town meeting for residents to vote on them on June 8, but Couture told the source that one of the four proposals requires more time to complete.

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