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Self-Storage Developers Conference Moves to Online Platform

Travel can be exciting ... or a real drag. Now logistics won't impede your chance to learn about self-storage development, including feasibility, finance, ground-up construction, conversions, renovations and more. The formerly live Developers Conference scheduled for Chicago has been converted to a universal online platform that will allow owners and investors to participate from any location with an Internet connection. No travel hassle—and there are perks!

Teri Lanza

September 10, 2014

4 Min Read
Self-Storage Developers Conference Moves to Online Platform

Some people like to travel; others don’t. Some simply can’t afford to or have commitments that make it difficult to leave home.

For example, I recently learned my cat has glaucoma. He needs medicated eye drops every 24 hours or the pressure in his eyes increases, which can damage his optic nerves. He’s a sweet boy and generally very acquiescent, but he doesn’t like getting his drops, even from my husband and I, whom he trusts. They make his eyes goopy and, from his reaction, they appear to leave a strange taste in his mouth. Lately, he runs and hides when he sees that little white bottle come out. When we catch him, he squirms and whines and kicks up a fuss.

So the notion of traveling has become more stressful than normal. Now we have to hire a professional to care for our “furline,” knowing he’ll do his best to elude this person; and the $50 per day price tag certainly isn’t a help. Later this month, we’ll be heading to Portland, Ore., to celebrate my in-laws’ 50th wedding anniversary—a can’t-miss kind of affair—and I’m sweating the logistics of the trip. I’m happy to see family and friends, but there’s now a bit of a pall on the adventure.

When you travel for business, these types of anxieties can be exacerbated. Everyone has personal issues to handle when they go out of town, like mail and pets and kids. Of course, there’s the expense: airfare, hotel, baggage fees, food, taxis, etc. Maybe there’s added pressure around an important meeting or presentation, not to mention the sheer inconvenience, perhaps even physical and mental discomfort, of being away from home. Finally, there’s the need to keep up with whatever’s going on at the home office. I mean, the work doesn’t stop when you’re on the road. Technology may mitigate the challenges of distance, but it’s not always a perfect solution.

It must sound like I hate to go anywhere! I don’t, but it can be a lot of bother. Sometimes it would be nice to have a “free pass” that allows me to participate in out-of-town events without the hassle of actually getting there.

That’s what we’re currently offering to industry owners and investors who are interested in building, converting or expanding a storage project. On Nov. 13, we’ll be hosting our first Online Self-Storage Developers Conference, an all-day educational event you can attend from the comfort of any location you choose, via the wonder of the Web.

This conference was originally scheduled to take place live in Chicago, Sept. 23-24. After the success of the inaugural even we produced in New York City in June, we received requests from several potential attendees who’d been unable to join us during the busy summer months. Demand for a follow-up event was strong, and we booked space for the Windy City.

The move was well-intended, if a bit hasty. After the announcement, we got more feedback and inquiries from people who wished to participate but for whom the particular dates or location weren't convenient. We received e-mails from several U.S. states as well as Asia, India and Europe. Finally, we had to wonder why we were limiting our audience to these parameters. The answer was clear: We needed a more universally accessible platform.

We decided to convert the formerly live event to an online workshop, accessible via the Internet to anyone in the world. The conference will first be available on Thursday, Nov. 13, and on demand for 90 days afterward. DVD copies will eventually be offered via the ISS Store.

I won’t delve into details here, as you can find them readily on the conference website. The event will include the same content as planned for Chicago, plus some additional perks. For example, attendees to the online workshop will have access to a resource center where they can download copies of the session slides as well as information on topics related to self-storage construction and development. Once the initial airing has concluded, attendees can revisit the site as often as they wish for 90 days, using the platform tools to watch on any or all of the material.

So, even if you’re unable or unwilling to travel this fall, you don’t have to miss this opportunity to learn about self-storage building, feasibility, finance, renovation, expansion and more. Register for the Online Developers Conference, and enjoy anywhere access to this comprehensive lineup. If you have questions about the event or new platform, post them in the comments section below, and I’ll be happy to get answers for you.

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