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M3XP2 to Build Controversial Self-Storage Project in Woodland Park, CO

March 12, 2021

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M3XP2 to Build Controversial Self-Storage Project in Woodland Park, CO

Update 3/12/21 – 19350 Group LLC and M3XP2 requested an extension on expired permits for their project at 19350 E. U.S. 24. The appeal comes six months after the conditional-use permit and site-plan approval expired. After some debate, the planning commission voted by a narrow margin to allow an extension since there were no changes to the development plans. The council was expected to review the request earlier this month.

9/26/18 – The Woodland Park Planning Commission has approved the final plat review for the M3XP2 self-storage project, sending the proposal to the city council for final approval. Though the commission indicated the plan conforms to all land-use and zoning requirements, planners added several conditions, including trail and utility easements, according to the source.

Saddle Club representative Chuck Mahoney is listed as the applicant. The club’s leadership has said the controversial project will serve the best interests of the community. The lawsuit filed by club members has been dismissed, the source reported.

8/2/18 – Local real estate developer M3XP2 LLC is set to build a 72,000-square-foot self-storage facility in Woodland Park, Colo., on the site of Ute Pass Saddle Club Inc., a nonprofit community organization dedicated to preserving the area’s Western heritage. The city council recently voted 5-0 in favor of the project despite community opposition and a pending lawsuit filed by saddle-club members who contend the property was sold without their consent, according to the source.

M3XP2 was under contract to acquire the site for $2.4 million, contingent on project approval from the council. Club members contend they were deceived when the sale was presented and didn’t have proper representation regarding the contract. Club president Merry Jo Larsen also believes a vote from the entire club membership, not just its board of directors, should have decided the fate of the property, the source reported.

The council chose not to consider the pending lawsuit as a barrier to the storage plan. Prior to the vote, Eric Smith, a partner with the development group, indicated the primary business use on the property would be for trailer and truck rentals, with storage being secondary. The site would be limited to a maximum of 30 trailers and trucks at one time, according to the source.

Public arguments against the project included an allegation against development partner Pete LaBarre that he owed back taxes to the IRS. The charge was made by club member Elijah Murphy, who intimated the saddle club could go bankrupt if the IRS chose to place a lien on the site because the alleged delinquent tax payments aren’t made. LaBarre’s tax status couldn’t be confirmed.

Councilmember Paul Saunier noted that Fountain Creek erosion mitigation at the site was estimated at $5.4 million.

The council vote was unanimous, with one member absent and Hilary LaBarre recusing herself due to her relationship with the developer.

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