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Selling Boxes to Self-Storage Customers Isn’t a One-Size-Fits-All Approach

Seven types of boxes and their benefits to self-storage tenants
When it comes to your retail-sales center, not all boxes are created equal. Here are seven types that are ideal for moving and self-storage use. Knowing how to sell their features and benefits to tenants will improve your facility’s bottom line.

When it comes to your self-storage customers, it’s imperative to provide the right kind of moving and packing products that will ensure their belongings remain undamaged during transit and storage. Not all boxes are created equal, and offering them to tenants or walk-in customers shouldn’t be a one-size-fits-all approach.

For example, boxes made for residential moves have been manufactured according to moving-industry specifications. If a person is packing or storing glassware, boxes designed for that purpose are sturdy and can include dividers to separate contents. These are very useful for delicate, fragile items.

When it comes to your retail-sales strategy, consider providing a range of boxes for specific items. Here are seven types that are ideal for moving and self-storage use. Knowing their benefits to customers will help you sell more and improve your bottom line.

1. Wardrobe box. This is specially equipped with a metal hanger bar to accommodate clothes. Customers can transfer items directly from their closet into the box with little to no effort.

2. Mirror/picture box. This is specifically designed to handle mirrors, artwork and framed pictures with the liberal use of bubble wrap. All picture boxes can be telescoped, meaning two boxes can be put together to get a longer fit. Recommend that customers use a strong filament tape to hold the boxes together and handle the extra weight.

3. Dish packs. These are a great option for cups, glasses and wine bottles. Remind customers to check the weight and avoid overpacking to ensure boxes remain manageable and transportable.

4. Mattress box. This comes available in different sizes to accommodate cribs to king-size beds and is designed to prevent mattresses from being punctured during transit. They also protect against exposure to outside elements.

5. Archive box. Another ideal box for self-storage, this easy-to-handle carton is designed to carry heavy items such as books, records, CDs and other media.

6. Safe-spot box. Made with double-walled construction, this is suitable for packing all kinds of breakables or delicate belongings. Customers should use this to pack glassware, china and crystal. They can also add cellular dividers as an extra measure of protection.

7. Corrugated boxes of various sizes. Professional, corrugated moving boxes come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and are specifically suited to fit a variety of household goods and packing needs.

Abhijeet Shah is the head of digital marketing for Packing Supply, a provider of moving, packing and related products. He loves traveling and is often tempted to buy products with unique packaging to add to his ever-expanding collection of bags and boxes.

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