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Product Showcase: COWs by TrailPods

November 29, 2008

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Product Showcase: COWs by TrailPods

By now, you’ve probably heard of COWs: Container on Wheels, a mobile-storage system and business solution engineered by TrailPods LLC, a company producing auto-hauling products and custom-container fabrication. The COWs system is designed to include everything needed to offer mobile storage and more. The system includes 8- and 16-foot steel-built containers and hydraulic trailers, both patent-pending. Container wheels allow the storage units to be loaded onto the trailer with minimal effort via remote control. TrailPods’ trailers attach to any pickup, eliminating the need for commercial vehicles or expensive personnel.

What’s So Special?

“Let’s start with the container. We build one heck of a box, which is constructed of steel and should last for decades,” says Chuck Frank, director of operations. “Potential customers wonder if adding a ‘mobile’ service to their existing facility will hurt business, but many of our customers have found that the occupancy level has gone way up as a result of adding COWs to the operation,” he adds.

Before designing the COWs system, the TrailPods management team spent more than 20 years designing and fabricating specialty trailers for corporate America’s road-tour marketing events, including Indy Car Racing, as well as for the U.S. government and armed services.

“With our expertise in building and modifying high-quality containers and hauling devices, it made sense to design a next-generation mobile-storage system, and one that’s built to last,” notes Frank.

Easy Rider, Easy Business

High fuel costs impact everyone these days. To help, TrailPods designed the COWs to be shipped as flat kits, enabling customers to maximize the number of containers they can fit on a standard flatbed tractor trailer. “Customers love the idea of getting 20 to 30 COWs delivered on one truckload, as opposed to only three standard 16-foot assembled boxes,” notes David Nathan, national sales manager.

When contracting with TrailPods, customers are not charged franchise fees, royalties or additional fees, says Nathan. “Customers buy what they want in the quantity they want.”

The company has developed two starter packages that allow a customer to get up and running in no time. Each package includes a handful of COWs and the TrailPods trailer.

Next Up for TrailPods Customers

New this fall is the Stow It OR Throw It, a combo 8-foot container and 8-foot residential dumpster. “Whether de-cluttering in preparation for the sale of a home or performing a long overdue spring cleaning, this product is completely unique and presents a great new way for our customers to make a lot of money,” Frank says.

In addition, the company’s Jump Start Program offers new customers the option to “pre-market” the new mobile service in their region. It is designed to help ensure immediate rentals and positive cash flow.

As Trailpods introduces new products, existing customers can simply add the new products ala carte to their existing inventories in whatever quantities they choose. All are designed to be part of the TrailPods system, which requires no new delivery device or personnel—ever!

For more information, call 866.GET.A.COW (866.438.2269); visit www.get-a-cow.net.

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