Could Pinterest Be an Unexpected Goldmine for Your Self-Storage Business?

With an average daily user count of 1.36 million and a demographic that shares close similarities with self-storage renters, Pinterest could be a powerful social network for self-storage operations. Here’s how to use it effectively.

November 28, 2017

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Could Pinterest Be an Unexpected Goldmine for Your Self-Storage Business?

By Amy Daniels

If you’re a self-storage operator, chances are you’ve considered using social media to engage with potential customers and draw in more leads. Perhaps you already have a Facebook page up and running, or maybe you’re learning the art of tweeting. But with an average daily user count of 1.36 million and a demographic that shares close similarities with self-storage renters, could Pinterest be a social network that’s more powerful than you originally thought?

One of the most compelling reasons for storage operators to use Pinterest is its users are strikingly similar to the core market for storage. The majority of pinners are female, have some level of disposable income and are at least 25 years old, matching almost perfectly the most common customers for storage facilities.

Along with its demographics, Pinterest shares related interests with the storage world. Some of its most commonly pinned categories directly relate to storage.




How to Approach Pinterest

One of the great things about Pinterest is you don’t have to produce loads of original content to get involved and succeed. There are two ways to engage in topics, which will improve your facility’s visibility to prime customers:

  • Add your own content, whether it’s from your blog or website, or even from another one of your social media accounts.

  • Share and organize content you find (called re-pinning), be it from people you follow on Pinterest or storage-related blogs.

Because each Pinterest account is organized into “boards” (or categories), it’s easy to share pins that relate to a variety of topics. Let’s break it down so you can keep a steady stream cycling through your account.

Standard topics. These kinds of pins are those that should immediately come to mind as a storage operator: organization, cleaning, college preparation and home renovations. Whether you post an original blog with storage tips or find an interesting infographic from another storage-related company, sharing content is a simple, effective way to get involved.

Location-specific and target-audience topics. These kinds of topics are may not be relevant on a national scale—and that’s OK. By honing in on those that are useful for your general area, the pinners you reach are more likely to use your services. These topics might include articles or pictures about:

  • Seasonal storage and weather tips for your area

  • Tips for cycling through seasonal clothing

  • Points of interest in your city or state

  • Facts and pictures about your local college

  • Camping ideas (especially if you provide vehicle storage)

Unique features of your facility. One thing you may not have considered is there are other businesses on Pinterest, many of which are concerned about the same things as you (accounting, management, marketing, operation, return on investment, etc.) Not everything you pin has to be geared toward suburban moms. In fact, sharing ideas and accomplishments from your business could potentially attract commercial customers in your area.

An extremely good example of a storage operator that uses this approach is Manhattan Mini Storage. The company’s Pinterest account has 26 boards broken down by categories like “Reasons to get storage,” “Apartment style,” “DIY,” “Small spaces revamped” and even “Amazing ads.” This last category features advertisements the company has used for its facilities, and that board alone has 365 followers. By sharing the operational side of self-storage, you can connect with other business owners and entrepreneurs, and you may even connect with facility owners in other regions (a quick way to earn yourself some referrals when their customers move to your town).

Of course, the more storage-related your pins are, the more they’ll be relevant to leads for your facility. But take a look again at Manhattan Mini. Some of its off-topic boards include “This made us laugh,” “Eat up” and “Animals we adore.” Sometimes simply being a fun, active member of social media is enough to spread your reach as well as make it easier to maintain your account with fresh content. Just think: If you enjoy the process of pinning, you’ll naturally spend more time doing so. Can you say the same for all of your social media accounts?


Mastering the Pin and Your Account

Now that you know the kinds of topics to pin, how can you best optimize each pin you add to your profile? Check out this visual to learn about the elements of an effective pin, whether you choose to share your own content or re-pin what you find: [To view image, click here.]

There are a few simple tricks for making your Pinterest profile the best it can be. This diagram will give you an idea of what your profile should look like (using “Westwood Self Storage” as a fictional example): [To view image, click here.]

Take a look at each section of a Pinterest profile, checking that your account matches up along the way: [To view image, click here.]

Next, make the best use of your boards, which users can choose to follow instead of (or along with) your Pinterest profile: [To view image, click here.]

Build followers by finding people who live in your area (potential customers), following storage facilities in different regions, and searching for accounts you find inspiring or interesting.


Now Get to Pinning!

When used in conjunction with your other social media accounts and marketing efforts, Pinterest can be a great way to increase brand recognition for your business. Many of the topics that are most popular on Pinterest are related to the storage industry, and many of its dedicated pinners are prime customers for your facility, making it a fun way to engage with customers and get your name out there.

Amy Daniels is the content manager at storEDGE, which offers a comprehensive suite of technology solutions designed specifically for the self-storage industry. She combines self-storage industry research, Web-marketing strategies and small-business experience to cultivate the growth of facilities nationwide. For more information, call 913.954.4110; visit

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