Missouri, Pennsylvania, South Carolina Consider Updates to Self-Storage Lien Laws

April 19, 2022

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Missouri, Pennsylvania, South Carolina Consider Updates to Self-Storage Lien Laws

The state legislatures in Missouri, Pennsylvania and South Carolina are considering measures that would update portions of their self-storage lien laws. In general, the changes would affect advertising requirements, the ability to charge late fees and the ability to conduct lien sales online.

In Missouri, House Bill 2289 (HB 2289) would eliminate the requirement that self-storage operators advertise lien-sale unit auctions in a newspaper of general circulation. The measure would instead give the option of advertising in “any other commercially reasonable manner,” as long as at least three independent bidders attend or view the sale.

Introduced in January, HB 2289 passed the house on April 6, with a 142-0 vote. It’s now in the senate awaiting further consideration.

In Pennsylvania, House Bill 1103 (HB 1103) would allow self-storage operators to charge monthly late fees of $20 or 20% of rent, whichever is greater, as well as reduce the number of newspaper advertisements published before a lien sale from two to one, as long as a second advertisement is placed on an online-auction website. The measure would also allow operators to tow trailers, in addition to vehicles and watercraft (which are already permitted), once a tenant exceeds 60 consecutive days of delinquency.

Introduced last year, HB 1103 passed the house in June with a 200-1 vote. It was unanimously approved by the senate’s Consumer Protection and Professional Licensure Committee on April 13, according to an April 18 newsletter from the national Self Storage Association. It’ll now be heard by the full senate for final consideration.

In South Carolina, Senate Bill 1178 (SB 1178) would allow self-storage operators to conduct lien sales online. Introduced in March, it passed the senate on April 5. The measure is now under consideration by the house’s Labor, Commerce and Industry Committee.

Missouri General Assembly, HB 2289
Pennsylvania General Assembly, HB 1103
South Carolina Legislature, SB 1178
SSA Magazine Weekly 4/18/22, SSA Legislative Updates: South Carolina, Pennsylvania, Missouri

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