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Smooth Operation: Stay on Task All Year With Our 2023 Self-Storage Maintenance Package

December 20, 2022

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Inside Self-Storage 2023 Maintenance Calendar Package

Self-storage managers are responsible for dozens (maybe hundreds) of physical tasks each year that are critical to ensure great curb appeal, proper equipment function, operational efficiency, high asset value and more. With so much to do every day, week, month and season, how can you possibly keep track of it all? Why, with our 2023 Maintenance Package, of course! This annual product is designed specifically to help facility operators know what needs to be serviced and when. It includes detailed, customizable calendars for each month, filled with reminders, tips and checklists. It also comes with a 109-page e-book of expert advice.

Once purchased, the package is delivered to you immediately in a downloadable zip file, which includes 12 individual calendars in two formats. The customizable Word templates allow you to make updates according to your particular schedule and needs, while the no-fuss PDF allows you to quickly print the entire year without having to access individual files.

Visit the ISS Store for complete details. Make sure your self-storage property stays running smoothly, now and well into the future!

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