Secure Acquisition Victory! This Book Will Help You Compete With Stronger Self-Storage Buyers

October 11, 2022

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This Book Will Help You Compete With Stronger Self-Storage Buyers

The self-storage real estate market is ablaze with activity. New entrants to the industry must compete with deep-pocketed investors who often have an inside track on desirable properties. To get a foothold and win deals, you need a smart, targeted approach like the one shared in “Creating Wealth Through Self-Storage.” In this book, industry owner and commercial real estate expert Mark Helm explains how he learned to strategically acquire assets that meet particular standards, all with limited startup funds.

Available in softcover and digital formats, Helm’s 123-page publication describes how to develop a business strategy, analyze self-storage properties, understand contracts, conduct due diligence, structure deals, determine future cash flow, and much more. It also includes a real-life case study.

Additional product offerings from Helm go further in-depth on his philosophies for successful self-storage development, investing and operation. Visit the ISS Store for full product details and prepare yourself for acquisition victory!

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