Education is an important part of any worthwhile conference, but it’s important to pick your own learning path. Attendees of the 2023 Inside Self-Storage World Expo in Las Vegas will get to choose their own “adventure” by selecting from 42 seminars across seven themed tracks. Get details and plan your quest!

January 31, 2023

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Plan Your Education Adventure for the 2023 Inside Self-Storage World Expo

Did you read “Choose Your Own Adventure” gamebooks when you were a kid? Didn’t you love the autonomy of it, the way the story could surprise you every time, and how deliciously challenging it was to find just the right path to the best ending? We sure did!

We loved it so much, we wanted to give our annual conference and tradeshow a similar kind of feel. In fact, one of the best things about attending the Inside Self-Storage World Expo in Las Vegas is the ability to forge your own learning path. With seven themed seminar tracks, there’s a wealth of information available, whatever role you play in the industry. This year’s event, April 11-14, is designed to provide the most comprehensive education on offer anywhere in the business, with fresh topics to help you navigate today’s intricate market. Read on to plan your own adventure for the biggest show of the year!

The Tracks

This year’s seminar program spans two days, offering a total of 42 sessions. The seven tracks cover an array of industry knowledge to guide every professional on their journey. The Building, Editor’s Choice, Investing, Operations and Technology Tracks contain seven sessions each and will be held on both days. You can also choose from the four-session Wealth Track on April 12 and the three-session Staffing Track on April 13. Here’s a glimpse of the great choices you’ll find in each.

Time to Start Building!

Self-storage development continues to be complex in the post-COVID environment. Builders face a host of challenges including the scarcity of suitable land, increased materials costs, supply-chain delays and ever-increasing design municipal demands. It’s enough to scare away even the most intrepid explorer!

If you’re planning to take on a construction project this year, the Building Track is for you. You’ll gain insight on site selection, value engineering, aesthetically superior design, materials sourcing and pricing, property layout, and more. Two sessions explore the development process from the perspective of those who’ve walked the path to completion—though not unscathed—with ultimate success. They’ll share the lessons learned and other valuable knowledge to help you plot your own course.

Our Top Picks

New to the program this year is the Editor’s Choice Track, with seven sessions handpicked by the ISS content team. They include topics that particularly piqued our interest due to their novelty, breadth and timeliness. We believe they’re going to be exceptional, and we hope you’ll find that to be true.

The topics range from blockchain and social tokens to data privacy to real-life innovation in conversion projects. One session will teach what you need to survive in the confusing forest of social media (the presenters will even make a TikTok video live in the room!). Another will show you how to turn your self-storage office into a thriving profit center. Operator One Stop Self Storage will share how they formed their own independent brand to compete with large industry players.

A Red-Hot Investment

Self-storage has become a real estate darling, and everyone wants to join this dynamic industry. But the finance and real estate markets move swiftly, and if you’re planning to buy or sell, or need financing, it’s critical to be up to speed. This year’s Investing Track will show you what’s happening in these arenas, so you can find your way.

Sessions include an overview of the real estate sector that explains how rising interest rates have affected valuations and provides a roadmap for evaluating acquisitions. You’ll gain tips for convincing an existing owner to sell you their property or squeezing the most from your asset when selling. Also, find out how to secure financing and earn the most favorable terms. Lastly, a fund manager and lender will show you how to assess deals and identify potential partners.

If You ‘Run the Show’

The operational side of the self-storage continues to evolve. While it might seem simple, running a successful site is quite nuanced. Owners and managers alike will benefit from our Operations Track, which explores insider secrets, ways to boost income and decrease expenses, key performance indicators, and much more.

One presenter has gathered loads of data to tell you 30 things successful industry operators wish they knew before they started their business. Another will share metrics every facility manager must know—and leverage—to be indispensable to leadership. You’ll learn about the “perfect” marketing mix, key groups that influence business success, and how to contend with Google next year. You’ll even get tips for an operational “glow-up,” so you know how to really push down the gas on facility income.

You Need Technology … Now

As industry operators embrace more technology, it’s imperative to understand what’s available and how you and your customers will benefit. The seven sessions in our Technology Track will help you evaluate your business needs, choose the right systems and tools, successfully implement automation, and protect your data and physical site.

One facility operator will explain how to make that “coveted mailbox money,” while another will explain how she turned her family’s operation on its head to embrace a less traditional business model. You’ll get tips for vetting management software programs and ways to avoid being a “cyber sucker.” What more could you want to know?

Staffing Woes

Finding quality employees can be an ongoing battle for self-storage operators. The three sessions in our Staffing Track, designed with owners and supervisors in mind, will provide strategies for recruiting top talent and reducing turnover. You’ll learn secrets to staff compensation, motivation and retention, and workarounds for navigating an “infernal” labor market. One presenter will even explain what an “intrapreneur” work culture is, how your business can get one and why it should want to do so.

More Wealth!

If you’re ready to really grow your self-storage empire, our four-session Wealth Track will help you get there. Designed specifically for industry owners and investors who are prepared to expand their portfolios in 2023-24, it contains information to help you raise money for your next venture and fast-track future plans.

Competition is fierce for quality assets these days, and learning how to win deals will be key to your success. These seminars will provide insight to identifying opportunities, closing transactions, and vetting valuable partners. You’ll also hear about clever tax strategies that’ll help you save money while increasing your cash flow. Did somebody say money?

The seminar lineup for this year’s show simply can’t be beat. It’s time to plan your quest and become the hero of your own education story by attending the ISS World Expo at Caesars Forum Convention Center. To learn more about the full agenda, including networking events and exhibits, visit Register now to take advantage of the lowest rates of the year!

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