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ISS Store On-Demand Video Offers a Binge-Worthy Self-Storage Educational Experience

For those who thirst for industry knowledge on best practices and industry trends, an immersive, binge-worthy educational experience is just a click away with on-demand video from the ISS Store.

Tony Jones

June 28, 2019

3 Min Read
Self-Storage On-Demand Video Offers a Binge-Worthy Experience

I have a confession to make. My wife and I were among the last 10 people on the planet to subscribe to Netflix. Though I haven’t always been the quickest to adopt new technologies and trends, I’m not exactly sure why we waited so long, other than we remained very happy with our television provider for many years. I believe in brand loyalty, so I’m not quick to jump ship. Along the way, we supplemented our satellite and premium-network subscriptions with Amazon Prime, but we kept Hulu, Netflix, et. al., at bay.

About 18 months ago, we cut the cord and became full-time streamers. It’s been an adjustment, but we’ve come to appreciate the sheer amount of content that’s on demand. Though we still subscribe to a live-television package, everything is streamed via WiFi through our smart TV, which makes adding additional services tantalizingly easy. Other than binge-watching a few HBO shows and using streaming services for select movies, we hadn’t really jumped in and watched several seasons of a show in less time than it would take to watch one season, or even half a season, on commercial television.

That all changed a few months ago, and now we’re constantly on the hunt for a quality show we previously missed or new programming we can plow through. The change in behavior is interesting and amusing. Other than live sports, I don’t find myself worrying about catching a particular episode of a show the moment it airs. On-demand service makes “all in good time” a luxury and viewing reality in ways a VCR or DVR never quite could.

I mention this because today the ISS Store officially released all 42 of the education sessions recorded during the 2019 ISS World Expo in on-demand video format. If you’ve got a hankering for self-storage education, instant gratification is a mere click away.

The 2019 event featured six education tracks, each with seven presentations. Whether your interest is in self-storage building, investing, management, marketing, ownership or technology, our video-streaming solution delivers expert insight straight to your PC, phone or tablet as soon as you’ve completed your purchase. The recordings include video of each speaker as well as his PowerPoint presentation, embedded for user convenience. Customers can view their on-demand video from an embedded player inside their ISS Store account.

Though we’re currently unable to bundle on-demand video together for bulk purchases, an advantage to streaming educational resources is the ability to cherry pick the sessions you most want to watch and create your own dynamic playlist.

The recordings are viewable anywhere, on any device with an Internet connection, which means your video collection goes anywhere you do. For training purposes across multiple self-storage locations, cities or states, the convenience of having instant access to a library of videos no matter where a facility owner, manager or staff member may be offers tremendous flexibility. For our international customers, on-demand video offers tremendous savings from costly shipping charges.

Though individual DVDs and packages have historically dwarfed our on-demand video sales, streaming purchases have increased steadily. Convenience is king, so it’s no surprise that our digital products have become the favorable option for those whose smartphones, tablets, PCs or smart TVs are their primary viewing devices.

In all, the ISS Store has 298 expo-education episodes … er … presentations available as on-demand video dating back to 2012. If you think of each annual expo as its own season, that’s eight solid collections ready and available. For those who thirst for industry knowledge on best practices and industry trends, and want it now, an immersive, binge-worthy educational experience is just a click away.

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Tony Jones

ISS Store Manager, Contributing Editor, Inside Self-Storage

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