ISS Store Featured Products: Sizzling Summer Reads for Self-Storage Professionals

June 20, 2018

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ISS Store Featured Products: Sizzling Summer Reads for Self-Storage Professionals

If you need relief from the dog days of summer or are looking for some fun reading material to heighten your pleasure on a lazy afternoon in the sun, why not curl up with a fiction book that uses self-storage as the launching pad for setting and plot twists? The ISS Store offers two entertaining titles to help industry professionals beat the heat.

Hot Storage [Mystery Novel]

Author Mary Mead creates intrigue in this mystery novel about the perils of self-storage manager Marlena Montoya. “Hot Storage” kicks into gear when Marlena finds cartons of drugs in a unit that’s supposed to be empty. It all goes downhill from there, as a county task force puts an undercover cop on the payroll, one of the owners gets personal, and the local detective stays for dinner. When two men are murdered and the victims are tied to the Jade Beach facility, it falls to Marlena to hunt for the truth with an assist from Monarch Beach detective John Kincaid.

Self Storage [Horror Fiction Novel]

Author Jay Bonansinga, best known for penning the official “The Walking Dead” novel series, creates thrills and chills in this harrowing tale of a heroin addict and his 6-year-old son who are forced to face demons real and imagined while trapped inside a self-storage unit. Thirst, hunger and withdrawal are just the beginning to Johnny’s painful education in detox because there’s something dark and terrifying behind his dope-sick hallucinations ... something touched off by the self-storage facility itself!

Bonansinga has called “Self Storage” the most personal book he’s ever written and is currently working on a film adaptation.

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