Eager to Master the Self-Storage Project Maze? Let Our 2023 Building/Investing Guidebook Show You the Way

February 14, 2023

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Eager to Master the Self-Storage Project Maze?

Embarking on a new self-storage project, whether it’s an acquisition, ground-up development, conversion or expansion, can feel a lot like navigating a complex maze. To ensure you don’t get lost—or worse, hit a dead end—it helps to have a vade mecum, a handbook to keep by your side as you maneuver through the intricate pathways. Let the Inside Self-Storage 2023 Building/Investing Guidebook help you find your way! This latest version contains 64 articles of expert advice on everything from financing and facility value to site design and zoning.

Available in digital and softcover formats, this 100-page book can be purchased individually or as part of a discounted set that includes the 2023 Facility-Operation Guidebook. Both are tremendous educational resources that’ll help you create, establish and grow a self-storage business.

Visit the ISS Store for full product details and topics of coverage. May you confidently find your way in (or out) of the self-storage project labyrinth!

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