2021 ISS World Expo Readies Self-Storage Managers for New and Coming Business Challenges

Self-storage managers have met assorted challenges during the pandemic, but most have managed to keep their facilities performing up to or beyond expectations. If you’re looking for ways to remain prepared and effective in your job no matter what lies ahead, join us for the ISS World Expo in Las Vegas. Here’s why.

April 27, 2021

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Being a self-storage manager has never been tougher. It isn’t easy to be on the front lines in a pandemic! But most of you have successfully pivoted to keep your facilities thriving in these awkward times, meeting and even exceeding company expectations. You’ve embraced new technology, adjusted your sales and marketing strategies, and learned to elevate the customer experience.

As the end of this prolonged crisis seems realistically within reach, the question to ask yourself is: Will you be ready to tackle the next big challenge? Will you be effective and even stellar in your job, whatever else comes your way? Of course you will, especially if you attend this year’s Inside Self-Storage (ISS) World Expo. Designed specifically to prepare industry professionals for success in the months and years ahead, this event will provide the information and training you need to expertly navigate the post-COVID landscape.

Read below to understand what the show has in store for the backbone of the industry: site managers! We look forward to seeing you at The Mirage Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, July 13-16.

The Contactless Approach

As a self-storage manager, you’re still dealing with all the same challenges you’ve always faced, like filling units, adjusting rental rates, collecting past-due rent, observing competition, keeping the site clean and safe, and mitigating risk. It’s just that all these things have really been kicked up a notch during the pandemic. And now there’s fresh emphasis on being contact-free in your operation. Your goal is to provide a convenient, predictable, remote transaction that builds customer confidence.

So, a key focus of this year’s expo is to help you adjust to this new normal of less in-person interaction. Because guess what? Virus or no virus, it’s here to stay. Our two-day seminar program will help you grapple with pressing issues of contactless operation. Here’s just a sample of the sessions you can attend in this area:

  • Can’t Touch This! A Thorough Exploration of the Contact-Free Self-Storage Rental Process (Technology Track)

  • Driving Self-Storage Rentals in a Zero-Click World (Customer Experience Track)

  • The Legal Questions You Need to Ask—and Answer—Around Offering Contact-Free Storage (Management Track)

A Top-Notch Experience

With all that’s been happening over the past year, customer experience is more important than ever. There’s probably more on your plate, as you work to keep your site sanitized; plus, you aren’t seeing your prospects and tenants in person as often as before. As a result, every customer touchpoint—from your online presence and website to your phone message and office signage to your curb appeal and self-serve offerings—must help the shopper along his buyer journey.

Again, the ISS World Expo has you covered. In fact, we’ve created an entire seven-session track devoted to the topic of customer experience. Here are a few seminars you’ll enjoy:

  • Bridging the Digital Service Gap: Ways to Humanize Technology in Self-Storage

  • Cultivating a 5-Star Experience: How to Foresee and Meet the Needs of Your Self-Storage Customers

  • Pivot to Win It: How to Think Fast and Change Quick in Any Self-Storage Service Environment

Modern Problems

While much has changed in the self-storage landscape over the past year, much has also remained the same. To succeed as a facility manager, you still need to excel at sales, revenue management, marketing, site maintenance, customer management and more. That’s why our program addresses many key fundamentals of the business. Consider attending these valuable sessions:

  • Help When You Need It Most: When and How to Leverage Self-Storage Tech Support

  • A Manager's Guide to Self-Storage Revenue: Rental Rates, Discounts, Expenses and More

  • Market to the People Who Matter: Generating More Leads From Your Own Micro Market

  • No Money, Mo' Problems: Addressing Self-Storage Delinquency in the Time of COVID-19

  • Technology Trends to Welcome in a Progressively Virtual Self-Storage Landscape

  • What You Need to Excel at Self-Storage Merchandising and Maximize Retail Sales

Professional Growth

The past year has been a roller-coaster, but a silver lining is it has inspired much professional and personal growth. Managers who continually seek industry know-how and training are the ones who’ll move up through the ranks, keep their operation running smoothly and enjoy their job. Here are a few expo sessions that’ll help you reach your goals, all from our seven-session Management Track:

  • Eye on the Prized: Becoming the Exceptional Manager Every Self-Storage Owner Wants

  • Sales Guidance for Non-Salespeople: How Any Self-Storage Manager Can Close More Deals

  • Smooth Operator: How to Avoid and Resolve Disputes With Anyone in Your Self-Storage World

More in Store

Beyond seminars, the expo offers additional ways for you to up your management game. If you’re looking for more immersive experience than an hour-long session can provide, be sure to investigate these intensive four-hour workshops:

  • Advanced Legal Workshop

  • Digital Marketing Workshop

  • Operations Workshop: Fundamentals

  • Operations Workshop: Advanced

  • Risk Management Workshop

Also, take advantage of expert knowledge provided through our series of Self-Storage Q&A sessions, which will cover more industry topics this year than every before. Storage Talks (formerly Table Talks) have been retooled in a new format to comply with today’s safety requirements, but will still provide access to dozens of specialists and conversations.

Finally, the expo hall is brimming with suppliers from all facets of the industry. Don’t be afraid to lean on them for information! This year’s show floor will include management firms, operational consultants, marketing experts, retail sellers and many others who can help facility managers expand their know-how. With extended expo-hall hours, you’ll have more time to speak with company representatives, even with all the formal education you’ll be consuming.

As we look toward a better year, now’s the time to make your career-propelling plans. What’s next for you and the industry at large? Find out at the ISS World Expo! To learn more about the education program, or to view a complete list of exhibitors and speakers, visit issworldexpo.com.

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