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‘And That’s How I Got Into Self-Storage’ … Industry Professionals Share Their Career Journey

May 31, 2022

1 Min Read

In many professional fields, there's a clear career path—a prescribed course of learning and experience to follow. But that isn't really true in self-storage. Many people who work in this industry have come to it in a roundabout way, sometimes entirely by accident! Maybe it started as a summer job or part-time enterprise and grew into something more. Sometimes it was inherited as part of a family legacy. Now that the industry is performing famously well and is well-publicized as lucrative investment, folks from all walks of life are considering it as a career choice and want to know: How do I get there?

In this thread on Self-Storage Talk, members are sharing the many ways they entered the business and their varied backgrounds, which have helped them succeed. Some may surprise you! Read about their journeys and share your own.


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