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Universal Insurance Facilities Ltd.Introducing an Affordable Medical Plan for You and Your Employees

March 1, 2000

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Universal Insurance Facilities Ltd.Introducing an Affordable Medical Plan for You and Your Employees

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Universal Insurance Facilities Ltd.

Introducing an Affordable Medical Plan for You and Your Employees

Have you always wanted to offer medical benefits to your employees but been put off bythe high cost? Now it's easier and less expensive than ever to offer the benefits youremployees need. Universal Insurance Facilities Ltd. has come up with a limitedmedical-benefit plan called Fundamental Care Plus. Designed to help your employees pay foreveryday medical expenses that arise out of illness or accidental injury, Fundamental CarePlus costs far less than a typical HMO plan and can be a big advantage in helping yourecruit and retain your hourly employees.

Plan Highlights

Fundamental Care Plus is an affordable limited medical-benefit plan designed to pay forthose everyday medical expenses that arise out of illness or accidental injury. The basicplan provides for a limited number of doctor visits and a specific amount ofhospitalization, with prescription and vision discount benefits*. The plan can cover boththe employee and his family. The benefits are simple to manage and the monthly premiumsare extremely affordable. A dental plan and an employee personal property protection plan(which is similar to renter's insurance) are available options. (See Table A for actualcosts).

The criteria necessary for you as an employer to offer the plan is simple. The basicrequirements* include the following:

  • Employer contributes at least $20 of each enrollee's monthly premium

  • Average age of enrollees must be 40 or under

  • Coverage is subject to approval prior to initiation

  • Pre-existing conditions are covered after 12 months of continuous coverage

  • Enrollees will be issued individual certificates of insurance

The benefits of offering the program include improved recruiting and lower turnover,reduced workers compensation claims, less absenteeism and better employee relations foryou; and help with everyday medical expenses, coverage for emergencies for the entirefamily, and prescription and vision savings are the benefits for your employees.

See policy for exact terms and conditions. Discount plans are not provided by orunderwritten by Continental Assurance Company. Coverage is available now for residents ofthe United States except in the states of Minnesota and Vermont. For more informationabout program details and prices, please call Universal Insurance Facilities Ltd. (800)844-2101.

Table A
Rates and Enrollment--Monthly Rates

Fundamental Care Plus Medical Plan


$ 48.75

Employee +1




Dental Assistance Plan


$ 14.95

Employee +1

$ 29.90


$ 44.85

Personal Property Protection Plan

Employee Only

$ 8.25

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I still use Fundamental Care Plus even if I have otherinsurance or receive another form of assistance?

A: Yes. The plan can be used with health, disability or accidentplans.

Q: How do I enroll?

A: Simply complete your enrollment form and return it to youremployer.

Q. What do I receive after I'm approved?

A.: Once you are approved for enrollment in the plan, we will send youa certificate of insurance based on the coverage you select and an ID card. It will beeffective the first of the month following your enrollment.

Q: How does the prescription plan work?

A: Fundamental Care Plus members utilize a network of some ofAmerica's largest pharmacies. You will receive significant discounts for brand and genericprescriptions. You will receive a listing of participating pharmacies on your ID card.Show your ID card to receive the discount.

Q: Do I have to pick my doctor and hospital from a pre-approved list?

A: No. You have the freedom to select the doctor or hospital of yourchoice.

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