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The State of Self-Storage Financing

As banks begin to turn their attention to the commercial loan sector, self-storage owners and investors need to be sure they have solid loans with reputable lenders. The financing education track at the Inside Self-Storage World Expo will get owners and operators up to speed on today's state of financing for self-storage.

Amy Campbell

July 29, 2009

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The State of Self-Storage Financing

A recent article on CNNMoney.com tackled what could be the next big bank headache—the commercial loan. For nearly two years, we’ve heard countless stories about home foreclosures, bad mortgage loans, etc., but little about commercial loans. Well, that’s about to change. Like the housing market bust, we’re about to be thrust into a commercial real estate bust.

According to the article, financial analysts predict banks will soon turn their attention to commercial real estate. U.S. banks hold some $1.8 trillion worth of commercial loans, according to Federal Reserve data. With unemployment at a 26-year high, people are buying less and seeking fewer services—a bad sign for the commercial sector.

ISS columnist Devin Huber addressed the “elephant in the room” in his most recent column, Self-Storage Threat of Foreclosure? Don’t Hide, Just Seek. He says the one of the largest risks to self-storage owners is the availability of credit. “Owners who are most vulnerable are those who acquired or built properties in the last three years during the market’s peak. Those who built or acquired using short-term, high-leverage debt, or who purchased facilities based on pro forma rents or leasing activity, face the greatest challenge.”

But all is not lost, Huber says. There are loans out there, and good ones, for the proactive self-storage owner. Read Huber’s article to learn how you can prepare your business to survive the financial storm. We also have a plethora of timely finance and real estate articles online.

Another avenue for great financial information is the comprehensive education tracks at this year’s Inside Self-Storage World Expo, Oct. 2-5 in Washington, D.C. Huber and Shawn Hill of Beacon Realty Capital, along with self-storage financing expert Neal Gussis, will give an overview of finance market conditions and current lending parameters. There will also be information-packed seminars on real estate, the appraisal process, construction and more.

Lastly, I encourage you to take advantage of the camaraderie, support and advice circulating on Self-Storage Talk, the industry’s only online forum. There’s a finance section where you can ask or answer questions, or simply peruse the threads. Like Huber said, don’t hide, just seek!

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