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Virginia Self-Storage Operators Support Bills to Improve the Lien-Sale Process

January 26, 2022

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Virginia Self-Storage Operators Support Bills to Improve the Lien-Sale Process

Virginia lawmakers are considering a pair of bills that would allow self-storage operators to advertise their lien sales online instead of in a local newspaper. House Bill 21 (HB 21) and Senate Bill 199 (SB 199) are identical and would give facility operators the option to advertise “on a publicly accessible website that conducts property sales.” The measures are supported by the Virginia Self Storage Association (VSSA) and the national Self Storage Association (SSA), according to a Jan. 24 newsletter to SSA members.

“If the bills are passed and signed into law, Virginia operators would be allowed to advertise sales on online auction websites. This is a much more effective way to inform potential bidders of the upcoming sale and is much more cost efficient,” SSA officials said. “The Virginia Press Association estimates that the average cost of a lien-sale advertisement in the state is $117. Most online-auction websites will permit the sale to be advertised free of charge if the sale is also held on the platform.”

The SSA encouraged self-storage operators to contact their state representatives in support of the bills. “It is vitally important that elected officials hear directly from their constituents who either live or have a facility in their district,” SSA officials added.

HB 21 was introduced on Dec. 23, while SB 199 was introduced on Jan. 10. On Jan. 20, a subcommittee within the house committee on general laws failed to recommend reporting HB 21 to the full chamber after a 4-4 vote. In the senate, SB 199 was referred on Jan. 24 to the general laws and technology committee.

The VSSA is a nonprofit association committed to strengthening and enhancing the self storage industry in Virginia. It promotes the concept of self storage, supports member businesses, monitors industry-related legislation and acts on behalf of the industry.

The SSA represents about 22,000 U.S. and international member-affiliated self-storage facilities, according to its website. It’s allied with several state and international self-storage associations and has about 6,000 members.

SSA Magazine Weekly 1/24/22, Virginia Operators: Support Efforts to Eliminate Newspaper Ads
Virginia General Assembly, HB 21
Virginia General Assembly, SB 199

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