UK Self-Storage Operator Big Yellow Opens Flagship London Location With ‘Quantum’ Art Installation, Eco Features

June 12, 2023

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UK Self-Storage Operator Big Yellow Opens Flagship London Location With ‘Quantum’ Art Installation, Eco Features

U.K. self-storage operator Big Yellow Group PLC has opened a new flagship facility in the Kings Cross district of London that features a large art installation titled “Quantum Entanglement,” created by local artist Danny Rolph. It includes two canvas paintings as well as a composite work on the floor that covers 5,000 square feet, according to a press release.

“As an artist who primarily works in galleries and studios, this project was a truly unique experience for me,” said Rolph, who developed the piece over three years. “The scale alone presented an exciting challenge that I couldn’t resist. I’ve always wanted to push the boundaries of painting, to take it beyond the confines of a domestic setting into something much grander, which is how the idea of ‘Quantum Entanglement’ took shape.”

The two paintings are the same composition but presented in different colors to represent night and day. The floor component is a composite of the two canvas works when viewed up close. It’s printed and embedded in the floor, covering the reception area, manager’s office, communal business hub, flexible office space and main meeting room, the release stated.

“I wanted to play with scale, time and quantum mechanics, with physics and orientation subtly integrated,” Rolph said. “I drew inspiration from Giorgio de Chirico's metaphysical paintings as well as the film ‘Interstellar’ for its exploration of coexisting timelines. These influences helped shape the concept behind ‘Quantum Entanglement,’ blending colors, time and a sense of ethereal existence.”

Known for his vibrant and dynamic abstract paintings, Rolph often combines bold geometric shapes, intricate patterns and “energetic” brush strokes to create layered compositions, according to the release. In addition to painting, he’s worked in a range of mediums including collage, printmaking and installations. His work has been displayed in galleries around the world, including New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art.

“Choosing our new flagship London store as the location for this project was a deliberate decision,” said Nicholas Vetch, executive chairman for Big Yellow. “We wanted to ensure that Danny’s artwork would be visible to a wider audience, creating a vibrant and engaging experience for all those who use the new facility, whilst demonstrating our commitment to supporting local artists and fostering creativity within the community.”

The new location offers more than 1,600 self-storage units in addition to 13 flex-office spaces and 400 wine-storage units. Designed for wine collectors and distributors as well as restaurateurs and event organizers, the wine units are climate-controlled and individually alarmed, with the smallest holding 12 cases. Tenants will also be able to take advantage of an onsite wine-tasting room.

The development also includes rooftop solar panels, air-source heat pumps and water-saving devices to promote renewable energy and minimize the property’s carbon footprint. The roof also contains bird and bat boxes as well as insect hotels designed to improve the area’s biodiversity and encourage the presence of local wildlife, the release stated.

“The new Kings Cross store demonstrates an exciting journey of innovation and growth for Big Yellow Self Storage, with the state-of-the-art facilities and wine cellars being an example of this,” Vetch said. “We are thrilled to have the opportunity to support and showcase the incredible talent of a local artist like Danny, who captivated us with his artistic vision and skill.”

Big Yellow Group operates 109 self-storage locations in the United Kingdom under the Big Yellow Self Storage and Armadillo brand names, with most concentrated in Greater London and Southeast England. Its total portfolio comprises 6.3 million rentable square feet.

Source: London Post, Big Yellow Self Storage Opens a Flagship Store in Kings Cross

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