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Amy Campbell

April 22, 2010

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Earth Day Every Day for Self-Storage Operators

English Creek Self Storage in Egg Harbor, N.J., recently joined the ranks of self-storage facilities that have installed solar photovoltaic systems for efficient energy production and sustainable business. This isn't just good news in honor of Earth Day; it's a trend being realized throughout the industry nationwide, and we hope to see a lot more of it.

Most places you look these days, you see businesses making a play for  "green," endeavoring to be eco-friendly and educate consumers of their earth-centric efforts. Whether they're motivated by financial savings, marketing ammunition or genuine concern for the planet, organizations big and small are jumping on the green bandwagon. (And did you know that wagon is solar-powered?) 

Earth Day (Earth Month to some) seems an appropriate time to share resources regarding the things we can all do to make our offices and facilities more environmentally sustainable. First, if you're interested in learning about the history and establishment of Earth Day, you can read this piece pubished today in TheSalt Lake City Tribune: Earth Day turns 40: Started humble, now global. Now a worldwide annual commemoration, the event germinated in the minds of several twenty-something environmentalists.

Today, Earth-health has seeped into the mission statements of companies across many industries, including self-storage. Every year, ISS hears more clamoring for information about green building and eco practices. Our tradeshows now include seminars about solar energy, LEED Certification, recycling programs and more. We strive to publish comprehensive articles related to these topics, too. Here are a few that might appeal to you:

If you're looking for hands-on tips and insight from fellow facility managers and owners, you can read and jump on these discussion threads at Self-Storage Talk:

Finally, to watch a free replay of a webinar ISS produced with experts from Baja Contruction and iParkSolar, companies that specialize in solar-energy options for self-storage, you can do so here:

Solar Self-Storage Sytems: Making Green While Going Green

Whether your eco-endeavors are grand or small, the important thing is to begin. Even acts as simple as swapping out traditional lightbulbs and recycling cans are steps in the right direction. Don't underestimate their value to the planet and your customers. Make every day Earth Day at your facility, and we shall all reap the benefits. Looking for pointers or easy action items? Here's a good website to get you started: Daily Eco Tips. You can also get great info at Earthday.org.

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