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October 7, 2021

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Vineburg Wine & Self Storage of Sonoma, CA, Completes Solar Installation

Vineburg Wine & Self Storage in Sonoma County, California, has installed a solar-panel system to generate clean energy. Expected to produce 163,813 kWh of sustainable electricity per year, it’ll power the management office, common areas and wine-storage units, according to a press release.

The 298 high-efficiency 380 kW solar panels are roof-mounted on the southern end of the building at 1010 Napa Road. Excess power generated during the day will be stored by Pacific Gas and Electric Co. as credit toward future use at night or when energy in excess of solar production is needed.

Installed by SolarCraft, the system will offset 116 metric tons of carbon dioxide every year that would otherwise be emitted by fossil-fuel-based utility power. This impact is equivalent to saving 269 barrels of oil, removing air pollution produced by more than 292 miles of driving, or the pollutants removed by planting 142 acres of trees annually, the release stated.

Vineburg is managed by Total Storage Solutions, which operates 45 facilities in Arizona, California, Texas and Utah under various brand names.

SolarCraft provides clean energy and battery-storage solutions to homes and businesses around California’s North Bay.

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