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Harrison, AR, Self-Storage Facility Under Sheriff Surveillance After Multiple Break-Ins

Article-Harrison, AR, Self-Storage Facility Under Sheriff Surveillance After Multiple Break-Ins

Security cameras at a Harrison, Arkansas self-storage facility are being monitored by the Boone County Sheriff’s Office following several break-ins at the property. The most recent theft at Myers’ Rentals Mini Storage occurred last week and included at least one unit, according to the source.

The security devices were installed at 1779 U.S. Highway 65 at the urging of the sheriff’s department. A police investigator has full access to the footage, said Roy Martin, sheriff-elect for Boone County. “If anything is to happen there from now on, it will go straight to that investigator’s phone.”

The sheriff’s office was first alerted to the crimes by the Newton County Sheriff’s Office. “One of their investigators was interested in speaking with an inmate in our jail about separate burglaries,” Martin said. “From that interview, we determined there may be a connection, got a search warrant at a residence, and recovered quite a bit of stolen properties that had come out of Myers’ Rentals.”

Some of the recovered items belonged to tenant Ashley Watkins, who’s unit was the one breached last week. They included Christmas gifts, clothes and keepsakes. Watkins was notified by the storage operator about the theft on Dec. 2.

“[The Owner] said she noticed Tuesday or Wednesday that the lock had been broken off and [she] replaced it then,” said Watkins, who had rented the space four months ago. “So, there is no telling how long it had been. I hadn’t been to the storage unit for about three weeks before that.”

No arrests have been made, and the investigation is ongoing.

Source: KY3, Numerous Break-Ins at Harrison, Ark., Storage Facility Leads to Sheriff Surveillance

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