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OpenTech Simplifies Kiosk Purchases to Assist Self-Storage Operators in Touch-Free Facility Operation

OpenTech Alliance Inc., a Phoenix-based provider of self-storage kiosks, call-center services and other technology, is helping self-storage owners achieve touch-free facility operation during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic by accelerating delivery on some of its kiosk products, offering low-rate financing and providing a trade-in option. The first 25 customers to order an INSOMNIAC 120 kiosk by May 2 will receive expedited delivery. In addition, the company is offering 0 percent interest and accepting trade-ins on its 120 Series. The goal is to make it easier for self-storage businesses to limit person-to-person contact, said chairman and CEO Robert Chiti.

Purchases that quality for accelerated delivery will arrive within four to six weeks, according to a press release. The INSOMNIAC 120 is an indoor/outdoor, weather-resistant kiosk with up-to-date hardware and cloud-based software. It allows customers to rent units, make payments, sign their lease, purchase tenant insurance, access remote support and more.

Buyers taking advantage of the payment plan will enjoy 0 percent interest for the first 22 months, with no pre-payment penalty. “Many operators have begun to limit capital expenditures to safeguard cash reserves,” Chiti said. “Yet many are in dire need of self-service solutions that will allow them to remain operational. We are continuing to look for creative ways to not only help operators respond to today’s challenges, but also strengthen their organization for the future.”

Via the trade-in program, self-storage operators can upgrade from the 120 series kiosk to a higher model so long as they do so within 18 months of the original order date. They can move up to the 220, 720 or 920 model, applying 70 percent of the cost of the original hardware against the new purchase. The plan requires $516 down and $242 a month for 22 months. Lifetime-protection services are required, the release stated. The larger models offer the same functionality as the 120 but with additional features such as the ability to dispense locks, accept cash, scan driver’s licenses and print receipts.

Many self-storage operators are gravitating toward contact-free rentals in the wake of COVID-19. This approach has allowed storage businesses to remain open while maintaining social-distancing guidelines. In addition to using automation and mobile technology, they’re offering online and phone-based rental and payment options.

OpenTech provides several models of INSOMNIAC self-serve kiosks as well as a range of self-storage rental solutions including the INSOMNIAC Live! Call Center, INSOMNIAC Online Web and mobile applications, LiveAgent! software products, and the INSOMNIAC ILock Security System, all available through the company's self-storage cloud.

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