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Property TLC: Renovation Resources to Help You Spruce Up Your Self-Storage Site

Is your self-storage facility looking more drab than fab these days? As properties age, they might need a little TLC. Read about some resources, including a new webinar, that can help with your maintenance and renovation endeavors.

Amy Campbell

September 10, 2021

3 Min Read

Last month, I was fortunate to take a week of vacation. The purpose was to recharge but also to finally get to those projects that had been lingering for months. I made a detailed list that included a variety of projects inside and outside the house. It was a lengthy one and, truth be told, not everything was completed by the end of week. Moreover, as I worked, I realized there were other places and items that needed my attention. A homeowner’s work is never really done!

The same can be said for anyone who operates a self-storage facility. Property upkeep might seem simple, but it’s actually complex. From the curb to the unit doors, roof and everything in between, it might seem like there’s always something that needs to be cleaned, fixed or upgraded. Not only does this cost time, but some of these items can come with a pretty hefty price tag. A door replacement project or new roofing, for example, can be expensive and even disrupt daily operations.

This week, coincidentally, we entered production on our November print issue, which explores property care. The articles will cover a variety of topics, including how to assess your property for improvements, common projects that many operators are choosing, maintenance and curb appeal tips, taking care of your roof, and much more. While these fresh articles won’t be available for a few weeks, ISS has many other options to explore in the meantime.

One great resource is the upcoming free webinar on Sept. 23. Janus International will present “Your Older Self-Storage Facility Needs Renovation Now! Learn Why, How, Financial Benefits and More.” The one-hour event will be hosted by Richard Lillie, vice president of business development of the Janus R3 Division, and an ISS contributor.

Richard will talk about why it’s critical for older self-storage facilities to consider upgrades to help them look and function better. This shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone. Unit doors that stick is a problem. A parking lot riddled with potholes or a leaky roof is a problem. A security system on the fritz is a problem. When you ignore problems, you’re not only telling tenants you really don’t care much about your facility, but you could also open yourself up to liability. When things break, someone could get hurt. You can also bet your site won’t be the market leader. Fewer tenants mean less revenue. No one wants that!

In addition to this awesome webinar, you’ll find tons of guidance about self-storage property care on the ISS website under our Site Maintenance and Renovations/Upgrades topic pages. There are articles, blogs, videos, case studies and much more covering a range of subject matter. And it’s all free!

When we think about renovations, we often relate it to selling a property, but that’s not always the right frame of mind. I have no plans to sell my home any time soon. Still, I want it to look exceptional and operate at its best for my family. I’m sure you desire the same for yourself and your customers. And it doesn’t have to all be completed in a week.

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Amy Campbell

Editor, Inside Self Storage

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