September 1, 2023

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Self-Storage Owner Seeks to Develop New Facility and a Homeless Shelter in Peekskill, NY

Abraham Rosenberg, owner of 1070 Park Estates LLC, is planning to develop a three-story self-storage facility and two-story homeless shelter on a 4-acre parcel he owns in Peekskill, New York. The projects are waiting on clearance from the state department of environmental conservation (DEC), according to the source.

Rosenberg, who owns Spare Cube Self Storage in Peekskill, purchased the land at 1070 Lower South St. in 2021 from KMMKM Ltd. for $1.3 million. The self-storage facility will be built on the south end, with the 20,000-square-foot homeless shelter placed on the north side.

The shelter will cost $7 million to construct and will be funded without state or federal grants, Rosenberg told the source. It’ll replace the current Jan Peek House at 200 N. Water, which has become rundown. It’s operated by the nonprofit Caring for the Hungry and Homeless of Peekskill.

“We’re waiting to hear from the DEC, hopefully in the next couple of weeks; and once we have the clearance, we’re going to go for permits,” Rosenberg said.

The shelter project received zoning approval last fall from the city council to allow transitional housing on the site. A special permit, site-plan approval and setback variances will still be needed before construction can begin.

The owners of the shopping center across from Rosenberg’s parcel filed a lawsuit in March to overturn the council’s zoning decision. It claims an investigation of possible contamination is needed to determine if ground remediation is necessary. Test samples of the land were submitted to the DEC in October along with a request that no remediation be required, which was denied. The DEC determined that further testing is necessary.

Rosenberger purchased Spare Cube at 1 Highland Industrial Park in 2017 a year after it opened. The facility offers climate-controlled and drive-up units as well as outdoor vehicle-storage spaces.

Source: The Examiner News, Developer Still Pursuing Plans for New Homeless Shelter

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