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Self-Storage Nonprofit Charity Storage Releases 2022 Annual Report

June 5, 2023

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Self-Storage Nonprofit Charity Storage Releases 2022 Annual Report

Charity Storage, a nonprofit that serves the self-storage industry, has released its 2022 Annual Report, which provides an overview of the organization’s philanthropic and financial activity. The group worked with facility operators last year to donate $102,103 to more than 40 charities nationwide. The funds will benefit cancer research as well as programs working to end domestic abuse and homelessness, plus other initiatives, according to the publication.

Now in its 12th year, Charity Storage uses self-storage auctions to raise money for altruistic causes. Participating self-storage operators establish donation drop-off centers at their facilities and engage their community to collect donations that are sold during their lien sales.

Last year, Charity Storage took in $143,676 in revenue, including $9,713 in donations, $50,700 from its sponsors and $83,263 from operator lien sales. Expenses totaled $125,006, of which $22,903 was allocated for administrative purposes.

“I am humbled by the passion and dedication many of our operators have demonstrated in order to raise funds for the charitable causes they feel most passionate about,” said Robert Chiti, board chair. “Through the combined efforts of the Charity Storage team and our self-storage partners, we continue to drive positive change and leave a lasting impact on our local communities.”

“It’s a very exciting time for all of us here at Charity Storage. We’ve gained new sponsors that see the value in our efforts and that believe in Charity Storage’s mission,” said Mario Macaluso, program manager and a board member. “We’ve recruited a new team of self-storage professionals that will help us take the program to new heights, and we’ve onboarded several large portfolios and standalone facilities that want to be a part of this great program.”

The 17-page report includes an itemized statement of financial activity and a full list of charitable recipients. It’s available for free download from the Charity Storage website.

Headquartered in Phoenix, Charity Storage is an independent 501(c)(3) nonprofit.

Source: Charity Storage, 2022 Annual Report

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