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5 Ways for Self-Storage Operators to Improve Time Management and Minimize Stress

5 Ways for Self-Storage Operators to Improve Time Management and Minimize Stress
A lot can happen during any given day at a self-storage facility, so managers need to keep their schedule organized but flexible. Here are five ways to improve your time-management skills while keeping your stress levels in check.

Managing a self-storage facility comes with many challenges—even occasional chaos—but performing daily tasks doesn’t have to be a minefield. Here are five ways to better manage your time and work-related stress. A great side effect? These strategies will also enhance your business operation and make it more productive.

1. Create a To-Do List

First, create a to-do list and check it twice. Prioritize what must get done today and which tasks can wait until later. Once you’ve got everything written down, it’s possible you might start to feel overwhelmed, so take a breath and relax. Laying out all the tasks you want to accomplish is the best way to get things under control and eliminate any negative association with the workload.

2. Budget Your Time

Once you’ve set your priorities, you’re ready to budget your time. On average, you know which times of day tend to be the busiest at your facility, so schedule your more time-consuming tasks to take place during down times. Create a rough schedule outlining how you’d like your day to go, and remember to keep this in pencil!

3. Remain Flexible

Get into the mindset to remain fluid. Day-to-day self-storage operation is very unpredictable, so you must be flexible. That’s why you should use a pencil when creating your daily schedule. Don’t get hyper-focused on completing tasks exactly when planned. Instead, focus more on getting them done correctly and within the constraints of your time. Customers come first, so inevitably, you’ll need to adjust accordingly.

4. Work Ahead

Speaking of time, work into the future as often as possible. This will help you create success and avoid overworking yourself or missing deadlines. Working ahead will save you headaches down the road. Any small, quick tasks that can be completed ahead of schedule will help eliminate an unwanted sense of urgency later. These might include cleaning vacant units, filing paperwork and responding to e-mails. Control the things you can and remain flexible to tackle other issues that happen along the way.

5. Don’t Procrastinate

Don’t wait for deadlines. Rushing at the last minute can lead to silly mistakes, which can prove costly or create safety hazards for you, staff and tenants. Plan ahead so you’ll be able to calmly complete your to-do list and avoid any unwanted stress.

Mohala Johnson is the director of Web technology for Tellus Development Ltd., a real estate and development firm that operates more than 30 self-storage facilities in the Southeast. With more than 10 years of management and customer-service experience, she handles the company’s digital and print marketing. Writing has always been a passion of hers, and she’s excited to share her knowledge with the self-storage industry. Connect with her @MohalaJohnson on Twitter or For more information, visit

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