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Zippi and OpenTech Provide Kiosks at Storage Facilities to Promote Online Sales

Article-Zippi and OpenTech Provide Kiosks at Storage Facilities to Promote Online Sales

Zippi Networks Inc. and OpenTech Alliance Inc. have partnered to provide kiosks at select self-storage facilities that allow customers to sell their unwanted items online.

Zippi Networks Inc., which creates tools and strategies for online sales, has partnered with OpenTech Alliance Inc., the developer of INSOMNIAC self-storage kiosks, to deploy Zippi sales units at select storage facilities. The Zippi kiosks will allow users to sell their unwanted goods online quickly and easily.
Anyone with items to sell on eBay or another online sales website simply registers his contact and item information at the kiosk. A Zippi affiliate puts the item up for auction online, completes the sale, and sends the original seller a check, less his commission. Using this model, Zippi turns any storage facility into a drop-off point for online sales or even a warehouse for affiliates who make regular sales from a single location.

The Zippi kiosk, based on the 49-inch-high INSOMNIAC 900 model, includes a full-size keyboard, trackball and full-color, 15-inch, touch-screen display. It also features a built-in signature pad, driver's license and credit card scanner, check reader, lock dispenser, full-size printer, speakerphone, and digital camera. An animated, talking "wizard" guides the seller through the entire process.

Based in San Jose, Calif., Zippi provides a one-call, pickup-and-sell service via 877.GO.ZIPPI, making it simple for anyone to sell items online. The company also provides tools such as an enterprise-level palmtop device for integrated anywhere/anytime online selling, as well as a support network and infrastructure. For more information, visit
OpenTechs line of kiosks improves customer convenience, reduces operating costs and increases revenues for self-storage facilities. For more information or to see an online demo, visit

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