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QuikStor Mini-Storage Management Systems

December 1, 1999

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QuikStor Mini-Storage Management Systems

Product Focus

QuikStor Mini-Storage Management Systems

QuikStor isa Sherman Oaks, Calif.-based producer of self-storage management software for both DOS andWindows applications. Following is a highlight of the company's product offerings.

Access Controls

QuikStor's access controls provide tenant access using a keypad or any magnetic card,allowing delinquent tenants to use their credit card to pay at the gate. The available80-character display provides intelligent feedback to the tenant; the intercom allowscommunication from the manager's office; and the camera will automatically display apicture of each person attempting access, storing it digitally on your computer for laterreference.

Computer-controlled access allows entry only to those people who should be on yourproperty. Tenants can have more than one access code or several units on one code. Thesystem can also be custom programmed to allow access during certain days and hours on aper-tenant or per-unit basis. These access-control devices help you take control overdelinquencies, prevent break-in and tenant theft, and allow extended hours for selectedcustomers. QuikStor permanently records all gate activity, which may be accessed by timeof day or customer, for any date range, eliminating time-consuming searches throughendless reams of gate printouts.

Gate Readers

QuikStor gatereaders include a rugged 12-button keypad, the same familiar design used in outdoor payphones. They also include a long-life magnetic-card reader similar to those used at gasstations. You don't have to distribute the access cards used with this form of accesscontrol--the tenant can use a credit card, AAA card, driver's license or practically anycard with a magnetic stripe on the back. You swipe it once to store it in QuikStor'sdatabases so that each time a tenant comes to access the facility, it compares the cardthey are using with the list of stored cards. The card reader provides additional securitybecause the tenant must have physical possession of the card, unlike a key-code that canbe passed along for others to use.

Tenants are announced as they enter the facility, and the time and duration of theirvisit is added to their permanent record. When delinquent tenants attempt to access thegate, they are denied. At this point, the QuikStor gate can accept the tenant's creditcard for payment, meaning fewer headaches for the manager and instant payment of rent andlate charges for the owner.

Door Alarms

Wireless alarms provide easy installation and security you can rent to your tenants foran added profit center. QuikStor offers a retrofit solution with tamper-resistant sensorsthat install outside the unit. These sensors are in operation at self-storage facilitiesacross the country, including those owned by Public Storage.

These are the same wireless-door sensors already in use by the U.S. Armed Forces,Secret Service, Federal Bureau of Prisons, Department of State, CIA, FBI and others.QuikStor also provides other sensor products, such as freeze and overheat sensors that maybe applicable to climate-controlled units; smoke detectors and motion sensors that may beuseful in hallways; portable panic and gate-open pendants for the manager; and glass-breaksensors that work well for RV storage. All of these sensors are 100 percent wireless.

QuikStorindividual door alarms can protect one million square feet of storage in desert heat andfreezing temperatures. Redundant transmissions provide reliability and performance.Furthermore, every door automatically checks in every hour of every day. Each door sensoris designed to transmit for more than 20 years without requiring a battery change orservice and, yes, batteries are included.

The security systems features wireless sensors that encase the reed switch,transmitter, battery and all the electronics safely inside a compact housing. The onlyother required component is a magnet that gets mounted onto the storage door. Thispresents a clean finish and a visual deterrent to thieves.

For more information, including an on-line tour and the opportunity to downloadfree demonstration software, visit the QuikStor Web site at www.quikstor.com, or contact Eric Young and Doug Carnervia e-mail at [email protected]; phone (800)321-1987. International customers call (818) 990-5575.

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