Red Flags for Physical Danger: When a Self-Storage Tenant Makes Threatening Comments

June 8, 2021

1 Min Read

We’re living in dangerous times, with public violence and shootings occurring in almost unprecedented numbers. Often, there are red flags before such an incident that a person could be a danger to others—if only someone would listen and take that person’s words or actions seriously.

As a self-storage operator, you interact with a lot of customers, many of whom are facing a tragic transition like a breakup, death of a loved one or job loss. Emotionally distressed, they may make you a confidant, and say or do things that concern you. Of course, they may just be venting and blowing off steam, or they may truly be thinking about harming someone. What’s your responsibility in this case?

In this thread on Self-Storage Talk, the industry’s largest online community, an operator is worried about the comments an “unhinged” tenant has made to facility staff, who are uncomfortable with these conversations. Find out what’s happening and offer your advice for this serious problem.

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