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Every Self-Storage Business Needs Rules (and Followers) to Succeed

Without rules and regulations, many people and businesses would spiral out of control. Guest blogger Joel Little says the human element to businesses means employees wont always place the needs of a company above their own. Therefore, it is critical for self-storage owners and managers to create business standards, set good examples and develop team players.

Amy Campbell

October 3, 2013

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Every Self-Storage Business Needs Rules (and Followers) to Succeed

A Guest Installment by Joel Little, Head Sales Coach, PhoneSmart

In the business world, there are winners and losers. There are people who succeed and those who cant seem to get off the ground even with a running start and wings. There are rules and regulations that we all must follow out of fear of being smacked on the hand with the proverbial ruler and put in time-out. No matter at what level of business you reside, you should have an understanding that the rules are in place for a reason, usually to protect you as an employee or business owner. Unfortunately, not everyone chooses to follow the rules, instead bending them to suit their own needs.

Rules! Who needs them? We all do.

Without rules and regulations, many people and businesses would spiral out of control. The bottom line would fall through the floor, and the doors to the office could close. There are many stories and articles describing companies that were in utter chaos until new procedures were put into action to turn the businesses around. Companies have stayed afloat at times not knowing what they were really doing and then soared to new heights once they adopted some sort of standard operating procedures from which they didnt deviate. Rules or set standards have saved many businesses, so why do people and companies deviate from them if they can see the long-term benefits?

As we all look in the mirror on a daily basis, we discover that we are human. We interact with humans every day. Unfortunately, we are not all equally skilled, have the same thought processes or possess the same business aspirations. With differences sometimes comes those who place a higher priority on self-gain than a companys well-being. Is there room for these individuals in a business setting? Sure, if you are self-employed and have a staff of one. When there is more than one person in a company, the business needs are important. One person cannot set his own wants and desires above that of the company, especially if they do not coincide.

As self-storage managers and owners, its our job to find out who is a team player, desires a fair and stable work environment, and is not looking to crack the pillars of a companys foundation for self-gain. As managers and owners, we need to also self-evaluate, often, and make sure that we are setting good examples for following the rules and ensuring those under us are following suit.

Rules may not always benefit the individual today, but they could benefit him tomorrow. Who needs rules? We do. Make sure your companys standards are being met at each level of your business and then watch it excel.

Joel Little is the head sales coach at PhoneSmart, a self-storage call center and marketing firm. He's been in the self-storage industry for more than five years, and has been in retail management for more than a decade. He strives daily to help improve the self-storage industry one call at a time, gaining insight from each customer. For more information, visit www.phone-smart.net .

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