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Awakening Your Self-Storage 'Force' at the 2017 ISS World Expo

In the not-too-distant future, in a galaxy very close to you, a great adventure will unfold: the 2017 Inside Self-Storage World Expo. Learn how the biggest show of the year can help awaken your self-storage “Force,” taking you from Padawan to Jedi Master.

February 4, 2017

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Awakening Your Self-Storage 'Force' at the 2017 ISS World Expo

In the not-too-distant future, in a galaxy very close to you, a great adventure will unfold: the 2017 Inside Self-Storage World Expo. The epic event, April 10-13, at the Paris Hotel & Resort in Las Vegas, will bring together industry professionals from across the planet to learn, interact and get a fresh perspective on a business that’s breaking box-office records. To advance from Padawan to Jedi Master, you must awaken your “Force”! The expo will show you how.

Learn the Ways of the Jedi

With 45 seminars, there’s massive knowledge to be absorbed at this year’s show. The concurrent education program is organized into seven specialized tracks, with courses designed for every industry role. They cover building, finance, investing, management, marketing, ownership and technology. Below is a sampling of seminars appropriate for each level of learning. For session details, including speaker information, visit the education pages at www.insideselfstorageworldexpo.com.


  • Construction Essentials: Self-Storage Building Materials and Components

  • Entering the Self-Storage Market: Should You Buy an Existing Facility or Build One?

  • A Survival Guide for Self-Storage Borrowers: Choosing a Loan and Lender

  • 8 Secrets Every Self-Storage Manager Needs to Know to be Successful

  • Rent That Unit! Self-Storage Sales Strategies to Seal the Deal

  • Lessons We've Learned in 50 Years of Self-Storage

  • Marketing to Millennials: Understanding a New Generation of Self-Storage Buyers

  • Grassroots Gumption: Planning Self-Storage Campaigns, Events and Other Community-Based Marketing


  • Self-Storage Building and Design: Case Studies of Success

  • Fast Track to Profit: Investing in Underperforming Self-Storage Properties

  • 5 Steps to Securing Your Own Promotion: A Guide for Self-Storage Managers

  • Creating a New Sales Culture to Stop Self-Storage Revenue-Killers

  • Legal Strategies Every Self-Storage Manager Must Implement Today

  • 10 Things Self-Storage Owners Do to Self-Sabotage Their Business

  • Self-Storage and the Local-Search Ecosystem: Managing Your Multiple Business Listings

  • Lead Tracking From Start to Finish: Determining Your Self-Storage Marketing ROI


  • Function vs. Aesthetics: Balancing the Value in Self-Storage Conversions

  • Self-Storage and the Real Estate Cycle: Market Dynamics, Property Value and More

  • Advancements in ‘Unattended’ Self-Storage Facility Management

  • Living in a Digital Age: Online Self-Storage and Legal Compliance

  • Delving Into Your Self-Storage Management Data: The Truth It Tells and How to Use It

  • Tax-Saving Strategies for Self-Storage Businesses

  • Mobile SEO and SEM: The Self-Storage Industry's 800-Pound Gorilla

  • Creating Actionable Self-Storage Marketing with Google Analytics Data

The Jedi Council

Professionals seeking advanced wisdom should also attend any of the expo’s seven deep-dive workshops. These comprehensive sessions, taught by astute guides with frontline knowledge, will help masters stay at the top of the galactic empire. Workshop registrations can be purchased a la carte; or you can opt for the All-Access Pass, which gives you admission to any and all offerings.

  • Development: A must for anyone looking to build, expand or renovate a property. Topics include development, new construction, conversions, layout, materials and more.

  • Legal Learning Live: This intensive workshop will focus on lien-sale errors, why words matter, bailments and other actions that lead to high-risk legal exposure.

  • Legal Primer: Learn the legal issues that crop up daily at storage facilities and how to handle them. Topics will include rental agreements, late fees, tenant bankruptcy and more.

  • Management: Get valuable tactics for handling everyday operational issues. Concrete ideas and case studies will help novice and experienced managers alike improve their job performance.

  • Marketing: The primary pillars of online marketing covered in this workshop will help you compete in today’s digital world. Learn about SEO, paid search, mobile and other online approaches.

  • Owner/Operator Executive: Looking to elevate your outpost? Then this is the workshop for you. Topics include hiring, policies and procedures, revenue-management systems, and facility auditing.

  • Sales Skills: This new offering will teach participants with a plug-and-play sales system to boost conversions, raise rates, prolong length of stay and bolster the bottom line. Learn how to reach sales goals and improve revenue.

Your Vendor Alliance

Your education continues inside the expo hall where nearly 200 companies will be looking to aid in your quest for success. Open for seven hours over two days, the show floor is the perfect place to build your alliance of suppliers. Whether you’re seeking a lender, construction team, management coach or software firm, you’ll find it here. Attendees will be dazzled by the breadth and depth of the products and services to be revealed.

The notable and wise Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn once said, “Your focus determines your reality.” It’s time to get off the dark path and seek the light of the ISS Expo. To register or explore information about the education tracks, seminars and speakers, visit www.insideselfstorageworldexpo.com.

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