Missouri Governor Signs New Self-Storage Lien Law


Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon signed an updated self-storage lien law on July 11 that expands tenant default-notification options, enables value limitations on stored items, and allows for towing of abandoned vehicles. House Bill 1225 was introduced to the Missouri House of Representatives in January. It was supported by the Missouri Self Storage Owners Association and the national Self Storage Association (SSA). It is similar to recent legislation passed in other states, in part due to lobbying efforts by the SSA and its affiliates.

The updated lien law provides self-storage operators with more options for notifying tenants of impending lien-sale procedures. Now they can use e-mail and place public advertisements in media other than a local newspaper. They can even use online-auction websites to conduct the actual sale.

In addition, HB 1225 allows operators to place limitations in their rental agreements on the value of stored goods. In the case of a lien sale, the value limit designated on the contract would be considered the maximum value of the stored property and the maximum liability of the operator for any claim of loss or damage to tenant goods. The period of default was also extended from 30 to 45 days.

Finally, new language in the new law addresses motor vehicles, including boats and RVs, and enables operators to have vehicles towed after delinquency exceeds 60 days.


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