Lead Conversion: Where Most Internet Marketing Fails and How to Foolproof Your Lead-Conversion Systems For Maximum ROI

Available: On Demand
Speakers: Megan Eckert, USstoragesearch Executive Vice President

Our June 6th webinar, "Online Marketing Myths Exposed and How to Capitalize on the Internet," taught you about the power of Internet marketing in the self-storage industry. You learned about the common misconceptions and how to overcome them. You also learned there are hot prospects in your area searching for storage on the major search engines, and they will ultimately choose who they find online.

In August, we'll focus on lead conversion. A rental inquiry is worthless until it is converted to a paying tenant... Whether a lead comes from the Internet or walks in the door, this remains true. Our next webinar will teach you unique conversion strategies for rental inquiries that come from the Internet. While most of the strategies taught can be applied to prospects from your other marketing efforts, a special emphasis will be placed on converting those who find you on the Internet into long-term paying tenants. Do not completely evaluate the results of your online marketing efforts until you have heard and tested the lessons learned in this important webinar!

This session will include time for questions and answers with our speaker. Everyone is invited to participate in this free, live webinar!

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