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Are Your Self-Storage Rents Keeping Pace With Reality?

A small rental-rate increase of just 3 percent for all your self-storage tenants can make a huge difference to your facility's profit margin. The author offers a detailed example of the direct relationship between rental rates and business value.
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Improving Self-Storage Customer Acquisition: Can They Hear You Online?

In today’s connected world, consumers have myriad ways of accessing information and are bombarded by thousands of marketing messages every day. In this first installment in a series on improving customer acquisition, guest blogger Matt Cook of ABC Selfstore says self-storage operators must evolve alongside technology and consumer behavior, beginning with their website.
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Hiring Your Next Self-Storage All-Star

Recruiting and training is arguably the most important responsibility of a self-storage owner or general manager. But how and where do you find good people? Here's a look at the hiring process we use at City Center Self Storage in Pittsburgh.
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Go Beyond Page Rank to Measure the Online-Marketing Success of Your Self-Storage Business

Self-storage operators are not alone when it comes to getting caught up in search engine rankings, but guest blogger Nick Bilava of warns that while search engine optimization can definitely bring positive results, page ranking shouldn’t be the sole determination for success when it comes to online marketing.
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Old Barn Self Storage Shares Lessons on Meeting Customer Needs

By reaching out to schools, nonprofit organizations and other community groups in creative ways, self-storage operators can bring in people who might not otherwise know their business or see the facility. Here’s how.
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6 Key Components to Improving Your Self-Storage SEO

If the performance of your self-storage website has been lackluster and customers seem to be having trouble locating you online, you may be missing some key components to effective search engine optimization. Guest blogger Derek Whitney of Lackland Self Storage offers six key components to improving the search rankings within your target market.
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A Self-Storage Manager Touts the Protection Benefits of Tenant Insurance

This guest blogger was once a naysayer of self-storage tenant insurance, believing it was a waste of time for operators. Then a personal matter changed her mind, leading her to view it as the ultimate protection for owners and their customers.
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