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A Self-Storage Operator Shares Insight on the Ferguson Riots

A self-storage operator living and working just four miles from the center of the riots in Ferguson, Mo., shares insight on the fallout for his facility and a nearby Public Storage. He also offers advice on keeping yourself and business safe during a crisis.     ...
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Light Up Your Customers’ Lives With Great Self-Storage Customer Service

Great customer service is really about mastering the little things and making customers’ lives easier. Guest blogger Jacqueline Feldman of Advantage Consulting & Management says customers who walk into a storage facility are looking for an answer to a problem. They want storage, and managers are there to provide it. Ultimately, a manager’s job is to try to ease customer stress, even if it’s simply by lending an ear and showing you care.
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2014 Tax Breaks for Self-Storage Technology

IRS tax code Section 179 allows you to deduct the purchase or lease price of self-storage technology (hardware and software) that is paid for or financed during 2014. To qualify for the deduction, your equipment must in operation by Dec. 31, so if you want to take advantage of these savings, now may be the time to start implementing your new tools.
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Improving Self-Storage Customer Acquisition Through Web Content

The content on your self-storage website is a frontline opportunity to engage users and convince potential customers to store their belongings with you. In his second installment in a series on improving customer acquisition, guest blogger Matt Cook of ABC Selfstore says great blog content can help with online search rankings but needs to work alongside other efforts.
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Self-Storage Website Design: Going Beyond the Aesthetics to Be a 24/7 Sales Tool

A website can be a very strong marketing tool for self-storage operators, but it has to do more than just look good. Here are some ways to look past your website's initial appearance and make it a 24/7 sales tool.
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Empty UK Farm Buildings May Be Ripe for Self-Storage Conversions

With hundreds of former farm buildings sitting empty in the United Kingdom, guest blogger Roger Moore says market conditions are ripe for operators to consider them for self-storage. Moore’s company, Morespace Storage, operates out of buildings on the site of a former arable farm in Cambridgeshire, England, and he provides insight to why these conversion projects can be successful.
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Are Your Self-Storage Rents Keeping Pace With Reality?

A small rental-rate increase of just 3 percent for all your self-storage tenants can make a huge difference to your facility's profit margin. The author offers a detailed example of the direct relationship between rental rates and business value.
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